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About Leece-Neville

Leece-Neville specializes in the production of alternators, starters, and various electrical equipment for the transportation industry. Cleveland inventor Bennett M. Leece and financier Sylvester M. Neville organized it in 1909, but they incorporated it only a year after with a capital of $61,000. It began producing a self-starting ignition system in 1915, and it received its first patent for this product three years later.

Four decades after its incorporation, Leece-Neville already held 56 patents, 46 of which were registered in part or whole under the name of Benett Leece. During World War II, the company grew immensely, producing regulators, starters, and regulators for trucks and industrial equipment. After the war, it started making alternators for municipal vehicles, including buses, police cars, and fire trucks. In 1960, the company began using alternators on passenger cars, and its growth was unstoppable since then.

Over the years, Leece Neville has gone through many mergers and acquisitions. Currently, it’s under Prestolite Electric Inc., the company that acquired it in 1987. Headquartered in Novi, Michigan, Prestolite Electric Inc. is a leading manufacturer of alternators and starter motors for OE and aftermarket applications on a variety of vehicles and industrial equipment. Its dedication to innovative design and product excellence has propelled it to become one of the leading suppliers to the heavy-duty market.

Leece-Neville Parts

Prestolite’s applied technological and engineering capabilities allow the company to continually improve its products and introduce more innovations that meet the customers’ changing needs. Under the Leece-Neville brand, a comprehensive range of alternators and starter motors is available, so customers can choose the specific alternator that best suits their vehicle applications.

From high-output alternators to heavy-duty starter motors, this brand never fails to combine performance, durability, and reliability in one. All Leece-Neville parts are made to meet or even exceed the highest quality standards for maximum efficiency even in harsh operating conditions.

Leece-Neville Alternators

Leece-Neville alternators are listed by series/family, and they come in various mount types, including J180-mount, pad-mount, T-mount, and spool-mount. They make good investments for your fleet because of these two main reasons:

  1. They feature the MultiPower technology, which allows any vehicle to run up to four alternators on the same charging system, producing as much as 1,080 amps. The alternators’ voltage regulators communicate with one another without the need for an external control unit. So, you just have to install the alternators, connect them, and the voltage regulators will do the work in regulating the entire system.
  2. Leece-Neville alternators are designed to withstand high heat better. They feature welded diode connections, making them more durable and better able to hold up under hotter temperatures than soldered connections. They are also packed with high-temperature grease to ensure bearings are properly lubricated at all times and made with high-temperature wires that are explicitly designed for high temperature. And since they come with high-efficiency cooling fans, alternator failure due to overheating is very much unlikely to occur.

Here are some of the options available for you:

  • 2000-3000 Series - Designed for high output performance in heavy-duty applications, these alternators offer better low-speed performance than the competing units. They are made with heavy construction materials designed to reduce heat and stress for longer life.
  • 4400-4700 Series - Designed as interstate alternators for heavy duty trucks, the 4400-4700 Series alternators deliver high output at idle with low cut-in mounting. They can be used on all diesel and gasoline engines and made with permanently greased and sealed ball-type bearings for maximum reliability.
  • MultiPower Alternators - These alternators are 125˚C high-temperature rated for new EPA emission compliant engines. They feature an Intelligent Regulator that provides load-sharing capability, and they are designed to deliver backup power in the event of a partial system failure.
  • 4800-4856 - These are Leece-Neville’s specialty alternators designed for heavy-duty gas and diesel engine applications, particularly emergency vehicles. They are made with heavy-duty components, such as large bearings, high P.I.V. rated rectifiers, rotors and stator windings, and graphite brushes, for extended service life.

Leece-Neville Starter Motors

Leece-Neville has built a solid reputation for engineering the highest quality starter motors for almost any vehicle application. Just like the brand’s alternators, these starter motors are also listed by family/series. See the list below for more information:

  • M105R Series - These in-line gear reduced starter motors are approved for diesel engines up to 11 liters. They deliver up to 5kW of output for today’s demanding medium- and heavy-duty applications. They consist of an integral mag switch relay for a more reliable starting circuit and a rotatable flange for less inventory and more versatility.
  • M110R Series - The same in-line gear reduced starter motors but for diesel engines up to 15 liters. They share the same features with the M105R series, only that they deliver up to 1kW of output.
  • M125R Series - Designed for heavy duty big bore diesel applications, these starter motors deliver 8/9kW output and are OCP standard, protecting the motor from overheating during high-stress situations.
  • M-Series - These direct drive starters are designed for Class 6, 7, and 8 trucks, off-road machinery, large engine equipment, and military. They are ideal for medium- and heavy-duty diesel engines up to 18 liters, they are available in two frame lengths: standard and long.

Alternator and Starter Motor Parts

And when your existing alternator or starter motor starts to go bad, Leece-Neville has got you covered with its wide selection of replacement alternator and starter motor parts. These parts are precision engineered to ensure they meet or exceed OE specifications. Some of the parts available are solenoids, regulators, studs, and stators.

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