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A division of Prestolite Electric Incorporated, Leece-Neville® is a well-known supplier of starters, alternators, and other electrical equipment for transportation, industrial, and military applications. This brand shares the same "Easy to do Business" philosophy with Prestolite and the same manufacturing and distribution centers in America, Europe, Canada, China, Hong Kong, and Mexico. With an industry history that dates back to 1919, Leece-Neville has its glory days in the production of electrical starters, voltage regulators, and generators for trucks, airplanes, as well as industrial and marine equipment during the World War II. In July 1987, Leece-Neville was acquired by Prestolite Electric, which widened its reach to the international market and made the Leece-Neville name globally recognized.   


Review by Felix C on 11/17/2020

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