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WABCO Trailer Brake Control Module

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Trailer Brake Control Module
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Driven to save lives and make tomorrow more efficient than today, WABCO supplies the global marketplace with technologies, solutions, and services that improve commercial vehicles' efficiency, connectivity, and safety. WABCO's origins can be traced back to the establishment of Westinghouse Air Brake Company over 150 years ago. Over the years, this brand continues to lead breakthrough innovations that enable autonomous driving in the commercial vehicle industry. The brand of choice for the world's trucks, buses, and trailers, WABCO provides the industry with top-notch differentiating technologies, such as advanced braking, driver assistance, stability control systems, steering, and aerodynamic solutions. This customer-centric organization continues to expand its product inventory, along with its field sales and service support departments. Acquired by ZF in May 2020, WABCO Holdings Inc. now employs 162,000 people in its 260 locations in 41 countries. With this acquisition, ZF gained a new level of expertise to pioneer a new range of products and services for the fleet and OEMs worldwide. Under ZF, WABCO will now be the company's new division of Commercial Vehicle Control Systems. With continued innovation and significant investments, this ZF division delivers the crucial technologies that take full advantage of the improving intelligence of modern commercial vehicles to create a safer vehicle and environment for road users and provide for productive yet demanding fleet applications.

Rigorous Quality - All WABCO parts are quality tested using the latest equipment for the best possible quality control.

Comprehensive Portfolio - Offering the convenience of a single-source supplier of aftermarket parts, tools, services, and digital solutions for all your repair and maintenance needs.

Trusted - Not only do customers trust WABCO products but renowned automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers around the world too.

Reliable - Increasing your uptime with parts you can rely on all-year round.


Superbly engineered with vehicle safety and efficiency in mind, WABCO parts and end-to-end systems will give you peace of mind, knowing that pedestrians and site workers are provided with a safe environment without neglecting the safety of drivers, passengers, and other road users. These products are the brand's response to society's demands for safer road transportation. WABCO parts are constantly improved and provided with the latest technological updates to satisfy the global commercial vehicle industry's pursuit for zero accidents. WABCO's unwavering dedication to engineering solutions that reduce vehicle weight, improve fuel economy and energy recovery, and significantly lower emissions are evident in its full suite of reliable products and efficiency technologies that could provide up to a 20% increase in fuel economy.

WABCO Truck Parts

With best-in-class WABCO systems and technology, this category comprises parts that help ensure safer roads, improve fleet efficiency, and deliver greater cab comfort. Some of the components and systems included in this line are:

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - This is a menu of active safety systems engineered to support drivers and fleets, helping them avoid or mitigate the common causes of road accidents. These WABCO parts ensure driving safety, maximum vehicle uptime, and enhanced productivity.

Brake Actuation - The brake actuation technologies for WABCO are designed for air disc and drum brake applications. They guarantee correct power transmission to activate the brakes and set high benchmarks for reliability, safety, and performance.

Vehicle Electronic Systems - Known for its proven design expertise, WABCO ensures intelligent, custom-made solutions to challenging electronic issues. In an industry dominated by electronic automation, WABCO's intelligent control systems ensure modern solutions for improved efficiency and vehicle safety.

WABCO Trailer Solutions

For your trailers, WABCO develops parts and technology that make fleets more fuel-efficient and safer to operate. These systems and components enhance the fleet's productivity and provide ultimate cabin comfort for the driver's convenience.

Intelligent trailer functions - The brand's Intelligent Trailer Program is composed of various advanced trailer functions that increase driver's comfort and safety and the fleet's operational efficiency. WABCO's Intelligent Trailer Program provides fleets with control to customize every trailer with the necessary safety and efficiency functions, depending on application requirements. The functions included in this program are:

  • Operational Efficiency Functions
  • Advanced Safety Functions
  • Load Optimization Functions
  • Fuel and CO2 Reduction Functions

Trailer safety components - When it comes to trailer safety, WABCO's innovative technology makes loading and unloading yards, highways, crowded city streets, and even truck stops safer for everyone. The company's industry-leading portfolio of braking solutions provides excellent features and functions that make the operations of your trailers safer and more efficient. With trailer air disc brakes, brake actuation technologies, and trailer braking and stability control systems onboard, truckers, passengers, pedestrians, and other road users are safer.

Efficiency products - Fleet operators face the challenge of improving the truck and trailer economy. Good thing, WABCO has an array of dependable solutions that boosts the trailer's efficiency in the yard. From WABCO's OptiFlow™ aerodynamics solutions that reduce drag to its intelligent air suspension control products, this brand helps you achieve a fast return on investment through improved productivity while lowering the truck and trailer's carbon footprints.

WABCO Off-Highway Parts and Solutions

The parts specialists and engineers at WABCO understand how inherently dangerous the off-highway working environment is. The WABCO parts and technology solutions in this category range from intelligent suspension to driver assistance systems and blind-spot monitoring. These solutions are all intended to make the off-highway worksite and trails safer for drivers, passengers, and all the people working around the vehicle. Since they are made to the highest standards of the commercial vehicle industry, WABCO off-highway solutions deliver an unparalleled level of quality to most of the world's Off-Highway workhorses. These ensure greater safety to mines, fields, and construction sites.

Wheel-end solutions - The most challenging off-highway applications necessitate brake parts that offer the best stopping power. This line includes an extensive portfolio of single-piston pneumatic air disc brakes (ADB), master cylinders, hydraulic disc brakes, fluid actuators, and more. Among the unique products from this product line are:

  • MAXX™ high-performance ADB - compatible with all vehicle sizes and with brake torques of up to 30,000 Nm
  • WABCO EasyFit™ - rigorously tested automatic slack adjuster designed for higher safety and efficiency levels via constant brake adjustment and long-lasting lubrication
  • PAN™ - single-piston air disc brakes (ADB) that accommodate common rim sizes and achieve brake torques up to 23,000 Nm
  • Brake Chambers - with reliable brake chamber technology offered in several variants and consist of service, piston-type, and double-diaphragm spring brake chambers

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