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CHELSEA part description

Representative Image - The product image above applies to all Chelsea Series 880 PTOs and is not part specific. Please verify the product using the part number.

Chelsea 880 Series Power Take-Off fit most manual transmissions. Ideal for Product blowers, oil rigs, fire trucks, large-capacity tow vehicles and other tough challenges.

Not every PTO is as tough as a Chelsea 880 Series Power Take-Off (PTO). That's because many don’t need to be. But if you’re using bulk haulers, fire trucks, oil rigs, utility and generator applications, large truck recovery or other tough challenges, the Chelsea 8-Bolt 880 Series PTO is designed for high and low speed, high torque applications with constant mesh input gears. It features a standard lever control shift, or an optional air control shift. Pressure lubrication is available to ensure longer bearing life. Tapered cone bearing offer excellent load bearing capability. And the rugged cast-iron housing is extremely durable. The shift cover is removable, making backlash adjustment easier and more accurate. Specifically, the 880 is an 8-Bolt, 10 spline, 1-1/2" output shaft PTO, rated for up to 500 Lbs-ft torque for intermittent service.

Product Features:

  • Speed ratios for high and low speed applications
  • Removable shift cover for adjusting backlash
  • Dual-Pump output for mounting a pump on each end of the PTO
  • Two Year Warranty


  • Bulk Haulers
  • Fire Trucks
  • Oil Field
  • Aerial
  • Large Truck Recovery

Performance Characteristics:

Mounting Style: 8-Bolt
Shift Type: Mechanical
Standard Output Shaft Size: 1-1/2" 10 Spline with 1410 Flange
Intermittent Torque Rating (Lbs-ft): 500
Intermittent Torque Rating (Nm): 678
Hosepower Rating for Intermittent Service
At 500 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (HP): 48
At 500 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (Kw): 36
At 1000 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (HP): 95
At 1000 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (Kw): 71
Approximate Weight: 63 lbs. [28.6 kg]
* Check Application Pages for Actual Torque Ratings


Mounting Type: Standard Mount with Metric Studs
Gear Ratio: 23/27
Input Type: 32-Teeth Input Gear, 23-Teeth Spur Gear, 27-Teeth Output Gear
Lube Type: without Pressure Lube
Shift Type: Air Shift (with mounting parts)
Assembly Arrangement: Right Side: Bulge Down, Left Side: Bulge Up
Output Type: Pump Mount, SAE "C" 2- or 4-Bolt Flange, SAE "C" Shaft (1.25"-14T)
CHELSEA 880GJAHX-A3XS Cross Reference

We have 1 alternatives for the 880GJAHX-A3XS by CHELSEA:

Chelsea®, a division of Parker, manufactures and supplies a comprehensive selection of Power Take-Off (PTO) products for the mobile vocational and truck markets. Over the years, this company has grown exponentially, thanks to its global network of distribution centers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. It also attributes its continued success to the individual employee's full commitment to providing only the highest quality products to its customers worldwide. More people choose this brand because its board range of products is offered with varying torque capacities, internal speeds, and output options. So whatever your driven equipment requirement is, Parker Chelsea has got you covered.


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