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153S Series Piranha® LED Ultra-Mini Strobing Lights

Peterson Lighting Piranha® LED Ultra-Mini Strobing Light

The Peterson Lighting Piranha® LED ultra-mini strobing light creates a powerful piercing flash that’s visible at a considerable distance. It is designed to deliver brighter illumination, grabbing attention more effectively.

Features & Benefits

  • Have a long-lasting, solid-state design with low amp draw
  • Easy to install on nearly any vertical surface with its ultra-compact size
  • A high-quality LED that generates 60 triple flashes per minute
  • Operating range is 9 to 16 volts
  • Parabolic reflectors direct and focus strobe flash for maximum brightness
  • Diodes can generate random or synchronous flash patterns
  • Energy-efficient solid-state construction with hardwired connectors
  • Compliant with J845 Class 1 and J1318 Class 1 specifications
  • Designed to last longer than the competing units

Product Description


Product Attributes

California Proposition 65 Required Y

Peterson Lighting® is a family-owned company that produces and distributes vehicle safety lighting systems mirrors, and other related safety products and accessories. It has been in the business for 75 years, and currently, it offers over 2,200 products designed for various applications, including tilt-bed and cargo vehicles and light- and medium-duty trailers. Peterson Lighting believes that full commitment to quality is its responsibility as a market leader. All its components are designed and manufactured only in its ISO 9001/QS-9000-certified facility in Grandview, MO. This facility is handled by knowledgeable and highly skilled specialists, who are as dedicated and passionate as the company when it comes to quality.


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