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Delco Remy Heavy Duty Truck Starters and Alternators

Delco Remy Heavy Duty Truck Starters and Alternators

Whether you drive a truck or other commercial vehicle to make a living or a car or light truck for commuting or pleasure, one thing is certain. You want to go places.

A faulty starter or alternator can throw a wrench in those plans. It can delay your trip, costing you time. Worse, problems with one of these two crucial engine components can leave you stranded somewhere you don’t want to be.

That’s why it’s important to know the warning signs of a failing starter or alternator and to replace it as soon as possible. At FinditParts, our inventory of more than 9 million different parts means you can find exactly the right alternator or starter to fit your vehicle. That ensures you the best availability.

Our stock includes quality names like Delco Remy heavy-duty truck starters and alternators and many others. To learn more about this well-known brand and for some tips about how to stop starter and alternator problems dead in their tracks before they stop you, read on.

Powered by your vehicle’s battery, the starter is the component that awakens your engine and gets you going. A gear on the starter kicks the engine’s flywheel into action so the internal combustion process can take over, using diesel or gasoline fuel to power your vehicle.

Like all parts, starters eventually wear out over time. Problems usually occur either with the starter itself or the starter solenoid, which carries the electricity to the starter that signals it to start your engine up.

Unfortunately, most starters don’t give advanced warning of their demise. If your truck or vehicle doesn’t start, it’s possible either the starter or battery is at fault. You’ll need to troubleshoot the issue if you have the know-how. Otherwise, call in a qualified mechanic to get a diagnosis. He or she can run a battery of tests to get you back on the road.

You also won’t be going anywhere if you can hear your starter engaging but your engine isn’t turning over. This could be a problem with your starter’s gear. Replace the starter yourself or find someone who can.

Fortunately, several starter issues will give you some warning of impending issues. If your vehicle starts sometimes but not others, if you hear a grinding noise when starting it or the lights dim, those are sure signs of trouble. Obviously, smelling or seeing smoke from the starter is also cause for concern. Do not delay. Get your engine checked, including your starter, before you get stranded in a place where it will likely cost you a lot more time, money and hassle to fix that problem. It won’t go away on its own.

It’s usually easier and ultimately less expensive to replace the whole starter rather than to attempt to repair it. Consider the cost of labor and the value of your time, and you will probably agree that investing in a brand-new starter makes good economic sense.

The alternator is another crucial component of your vehicle’s engine system. This part turns the mechanical power created by your running engine into electrical power. This electrical power runs all your vehicle’s electrical systems, like headlights, turn signals, windshield wiper motors and more. It also keeps your battery fully charged so you can start your car or truck.

Just like starters, alternators have a finite lifespan. Fortunately, alternators usually give subtle signs when they are on their way out. If you notice your headlights dimming or the lights on your dash flickering or fading, it could be time to check your alternator. If you see your lights dimming when you turn on other electrical items like your radio or windshield wipers, it’s also worth checking the alternator.

Many vehicles also are equipped with gauges that keep track of your electrical system’s charge. Newer vehicles often have an “idiot light” on the gauge that warns drivers when their alternator is about to go kaput.

Of course, if your vehicle won’t start, that could be a sign of an alternator problem too. A dead battery could mean your alternator isn’t charging it anymore.

Sometimes, an alternator problem can be traced just to a broken belt meant to run the alternator. That is a comparatively simple and cheap fix.

More often, the alternator itself needs to be replaced. That is not an especially complicated process. If you aren’t up to doing it yourself, any competent mechanic can do it for a reasonable price.

Many companies make quality starters and alternators. At FinditParts, we carry all the major brands, including Delco Remy heavy-duty truck starters and alternators. A subsidiary of Remy International, Delco Remy traces its roots back to a wiring business started by two brothers in Indiana in 1896. Later, it became a division of General Motors for many years before regaining independent status again in 1994. Still based in Indiana, the company has a global reach and facilities in North America, Europe and other places.

Delco’s long history and widespread distribution suggest it’s a company that has earned the public’s trust. Read the online reviews and talk to mechanics and other pros to draw your own conclusions.

If you’re looking for a starter or alternator from Delco Remy or any other company, you’ll find it here. Many of these items come with two-day shipping, and orders over $100 are eligible for free shipping.

If you can’t find what you’re searching for or have questions, we’re only a toll-free phone call or email way. Contact us for quick, authoritative help that will keep you on the road or get you back on it fast.