How To Keep Your Truck Cab Clean

Spring is right around the corner, and after a long, harsh winter your cab may be a little unkempt.  While regularly cleaning your cab is best, Spring cleaning is the perfect time to give your rig a thorough clean-out, and a little organization can help sustain your efforts.  Follow these simple tips for a cleaner, more organized cab:


It’s easy to let clutter pile up in your cab, and it can get quite messy if not attended to on a regular basis.  Consider cleaning up all of your loose receipts, paperwork and other items on a monthly basis.  This way the job is never overwhelming, and will help you maintain a regular cleaning routine.  Also consider getting a small trash bin to keep garbage under wraps and easy to dispose.


Assess your belongings – are there any that you never use, where or need?  If so, remove them – leave them at home or donate them to someone who can use them.  Having less stuff makes it that much easier to keep your cab spotless.


Dirt and grime easily find themselves at home inside many a cab, so it is important to regularly wipe down any dust that may have settled on the dash and other flat surfaces. Use a disinfectant or cleaning wipes to wipe out the gunk and gives you clean rig that you could literally eat off of.


Dirt, salt and who knows what else get traipsed in and out of your rig all the time – vacuuming regularly will help keep this accumulation to a minimum.  But to get really clean, you’ll need to shampoo your carpets for a deep clean that will be easier to maintain.


Good visibility is crucial to safe driving, so washing your windows, especially the windshield, is essential. When cleaning the glass on your rig, be sure to use a non-streaking agent and a microfiber cloth to buff away dirt and debris.  Tinted windows? Stay away from any ammonia-based products as they can cause your tint to peel and fade.


Not having a home for loose items floating around your cab can quickly make it feel dirty and disorganized, not to mention making those items hard to find.  So get organized! Keep like items together, and be sure to place them back in their dedicated space once you’re done using them.  Keep trash confined to a bin that you empty at least once a day, and keep important papers tidy and together with a paperwork organizer.

We’re sure there are many long-haul drivers that have driven for many years, and have developed tips and tricks to a cleaner cab along the way.  If that’s you, share advice in the comments below!

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