Top 10 Interview Questions Truckers Need to Ask

It’s a mistake you’ll make at least once in your career as a trucker, and one that you’ll quickly wished you hadn’t – we’re talking about asking questions in interviews.  So often we’re concerned with finding somewhere that’s we’re compatible with job-wise, and forget to consider that the we should be more focused on whether or not the company is right for ourselves.

For that reason, it’s important to ask questions during an interview to help determine if it’s the right fit,  Here are the top 10 questions that truckers should ask during interviews:

  1. What is the home time policy?

    Make sure you find out how much home time you get and how it is split up throughout the week or month.

  2. What are the main routes/hauls?

    Many companies drive the same routes routinely, so be sure to ask what those routes are to see if they are a long-term fit for your and your needs.

  3. What type of equipment will I use?

    This one seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the amount of times we’ve heard of a new-higher not being familiar with the equipment (which leads to safety issues, delayed work, etc.)

  4. Is layover pay offered?

    There will surely be times when you’re going to be waiting for your next haul, and it’s important to know if you’re going to get paid for this time. If not, this can really impact you financially, so take their answer into careful consideration.

  5. Is the pay hourly or by the mile?

    There are good arguments for each payment model, but it’s good to be informed on both just so you know which is most financially beneficial to you.

  6. Do you offer benefits, and what are they?

    At the end of the day, insurance is expensive. Make sure you know exactly the kind of coverage offered, and how it will impact your paycheck.

  7. What is the rider policy for pets and family members?

    If you’re going long-haul, asking the policy on pets, family members and friends as guests is a must. If you plan on bringing a pet, make sure you know their policies on weight and damage deposits.

  8. What expenses are covered?

    Does the company provide reimbursement for food, hotels, tolls, etc.?

  9. How many miles are available on average?

    Most companies pay by the mile, so get a clear understanding about how many miles are available on a weekly or monthly basis so you’ll know what kind of pay to expect.

  10. How often are the rigs maintained, upgraded or replaced?

Knowing how well the company takes care of their equipment is an indication of how well they might treat their drivers.  It’s also essential to your safety to know how much you can rely upon the trucks you’ll be driving, so don’t forget to ask this question, as your safety may depend on the answer.

Clearly, there are many more questions one might choose to ask when interviewing prospective companies for employment, but these questions form the core of what information you need to seek out.  For those of you who’ve been in the trucking game for a while, what questions would you add to this list?

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