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Polaris is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) servicing a wide variety of on-road and off-road vehicles. That includes snowmobiles, small trucks, and just about every other kind of vehicle underclass 2b—with a few exceptions. Polaris has a relatively large portfolio of brands in its wheelhouse, totaling 35 as of early 2020.

Polaris was founded in 1954 with a simple vision: to support riders, workers, and outdoor enthusiasts through the production of newer and better ways to ride. In more concrete terms, that meant manufacturing vehicles capable of handling harsh northern winters, off-road forests, and even the rough terrain of Enduro racing. Polaris quickly branched out, networking with suppliers and distributors around the world and sub-dividing the company into dozens of specialized brands.

Polaris's brands fill six unique categories: off-road vehicles; on-road vehicles; snow vehicles; commercial, government, and defense vehicles; boats; and parts, accessories, and apparel. Each of these categories contains between two and 10 brands, each equipped with the manufacturing and distribution capabilities of the greater Polaris name.

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