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USA Standard Gear is one of the most successful and noteworthy brands under the belt of the manufacturing company RANDYS Worldwide. RANDYS Worldwide services the heavy-duty trucking industry in several countries around the world, producing high-quality yet affordable products for truckers, repairpeople, and technicians everywhere.

RANDYS Worldwide got its start back in 1982 when Randy Lyman opened a small service shop that he ran out of his garage. After a few years and countless beads of sweat, the company grew into what it is today: a powerful industry leader in the field of automotive design and manufacturing with more than 200 employees at 7 warehouses and facilities.

USA Standard Gear is one of RANDYS Worldwide's most successful brands, servicing primarily the heavy-duty trucking industry's high-demand for driveline products. Of course, that's not all the brand is known for. Whether it be the brand's ring and pinions, axles, Spartan lockers, or DIY kits, USA Standard Gear manufacturers the pieces, parts, and hardware that keep its reputation solid.

Through the USA Standard Gear brand and the larger RANDYS Worldwide company as a whole, every product produced undergoes rigorous testing, both in and out of house.

We at FindItParts have further organized a number of USA Standard Gear's driveline products into 13 unique categories, each equipped with a searchable menu, check-box filters, and pictures of the products themselves. In order to ensure that you're receiving the product that's best for you, you can even check the descriptions for cross-referenced parts, where applicable.