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Headquartered in Elizabethtown, KY, Dynatex has been manufacturing and packaging sealants, adhesives, and maintenance products for automotive, fastening, heavy duty, industrial, and marine industries since the 1970s. The company partnered with the Belgian adhesive and sealant maker Soudal in 2015, further strengthening its capabilities and reach with cutting-edge facilities and technologies. It also gained a reputation in the industry for its world-class R&D program that does not only put it ahead of the competition but also guarantee the consistent quality of its current product solutions.

For automotive applications, Dynatex offers a wide array of adhesives and sealants designed to help restore light to heavy duty vehicles into running condition. Its flagship product, the Dyna Series line of silicone-based gasket maker compounds, provides effective engine sealing solutions with high oil and corrosion resistance as well as protection from extreme heat common with late engine models. It also offers conventional gasket makers, industrial-grade silicone sealants, epoxy, superglue, and other types of adhesives as well as multipurpose synthetic lubricants. All Dynatex parts are rated to work in any weather and are resistant to cracking and shrinking.

With a heavy emphasis on original equipment specifications and aftermarket frontline needs, Dynatex offers high-quality, innovative, and durable sealing and adhesive solutions for both professional and at-home use. And if you're looking for Dynatex parts that are compatible with your vehicle, FindItParts has got you covered. We have a large selection of Dynatex automotive sealants, lubricants, and other products for various heavy duty truck and trailer models.