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About National Seating

Finding a good replacement seat isn't that hard with all the choices available, but you should get one from National Seating if you want the best. For over 85 years, National Seating is the premier brand in seating solutions for trucks, buses, coaches, and other commercial vehicles in North America. A part of the Commercial Vehicle Group, one of the world's top suppliers of cab-related products and systems, National Seating products are well regarded for their comfort, durability, safety, and style. All seats are also proudly made in the USA at manufacturing facilities in Vonore, TN and Piedmont, AL since 1936.

National Seating Parts

National Seating offers seating solutions that match every type of budget as well as for specific applications, such as school buses, garbage trucks, and more. Each National Seating product also incorporates innovative features that improve the driver's comfort, strain relief, durability, and safety. State-of-the-art R&D facilities and in-house testing also ensure that National Seating parts meet industry standards and remain competitive in terms of features, durability, and value for the customer.

The following are the key products offered under the National Seating brand:


The Admiral seat is National Seating's flagship model and is designed specifically for long-haul truck applications. Its key feature is the BackCycler system, an air-powered device that slowly and constantly adjusts the height and firmness of the seat. This cyclic movement allows the driver's lower back to remain loose and maintain good blood circulation even during long hours of sitting. The Admiral seat also has multiple adjustment points for a superior fit and comfort and a swivel option so that it can be used as a chair in the sleeper area. Other features include an adjustable HP suspension, air bolsters, thigh extensions, and an optional ComforTEK seat ventilation system that circulates air in the cushion and the back for a cooler, more comfortable drive.


Designed for both long-haul and regional driving, the Commodore line features National Seating's largest back cushion with optional 17" long arms for ultimate comfort and support for various body types. Also, just like Admiral seats, it also integrates the BackCycler system to ward off stiffness and back pain as well as the HP air suspension, which offers the best road vibration dampening performance in its class.


Built with contoured comfort in mind, the National Seating Corsair line features a tried-and-tested Model 95 suspension with an ergonomically designed seat upper. This innovative combination was made in partnership with more than 2,000 drivers and remained the preferred choice for many truck operators worldwide. The Corsair also offers many adjustment options, including triple air lumbar and seat tilting, so drivers can get a more accurate fit. It also incorporates the premium BackCycler system and is available in enhanced trim options so it can look as good as it feels.


Recognized as the bestselling truck seat design in North America, the National Seating Captain line has been providing much-needed comfort and strain relief in most trucks on the road today. Its Model 95 suspension comes with a built-in isolator to mitigate road vibration more effectively as well as make preventive maintenance and servicing a much easier affair. It is available in high to low back configurations as well as the option to upgrade to a premium Mordura cloth exterior.


The National Seating Ensign offers the best value for your money with a popular truck seat structure that's backed by millions of miles of real world usage. Its ergonomic seat upper is combined with a non-isolating suspension system that gives effective vibration buffering, resulting in long-lasting comfort and enabling you to focus on the road. Other features include adjustable recline, air lumbar, and track position adjustments for multi-driver use.


The Routemaster series is National Seating's answer to the distinct demands of school buses. Available in three classes, the Routemaster seats cover all major school bus models and feature an additional seven inches of fore/aft adjustment for improved pedal reach. It can also be modified to have a right-hand, dual, or no armrest configuration and fitted with seat heaters for additional comfort during the winter season.

Depending on the model, Routemaster seats also provide mechanical or pneumatic lumbar support to match the budgetary requirements of customers. It also has a universal design that makes it compatible with all major school bus models.


Designed specifically for waste management vehicles, the National Seating Refuse line has several features that are not normally found in other National Seating products. One of its key features is the front control assembly, which allows for easy access regardless of whether the vehicle is configured for left-hand or right-hand driving. This allows the user to adjust the seat to their preferences without having to access the front console. The seat is also flexible enough to be used either as a driver or passenger seat, allowing fleet managers to quickly switch the seats as needed as well as keep an extra one in reserve.

Because waste disposal trucks are more exposed to wear and contaminants compared to other vehicles, National Seating Refuse seating is also built with durability in mind. The seat's exterior cover is made of special water- and stain-repellent material, making it easier to clean up and look newer for longer. Its HP3 suspension has also been tested and proven to outlast other seat suspension types while still providing effective vibration dampening.

But what truly sets the Refuse line apart is its tubular frame, which, unlike conventional pan-frame designed seats, provides longer-lasting durability and structural strength. Other features found in the seating include an energy-absorbing mesh integrated into the seat cushion and adjustable lower back support, which is rarely found in seats used in refuse and recycling vehicles.

Genuine National Seating Replacement Parts

National Seating products are built to last for years. But because they constantly see a lot of use for prolonged periods of time, the years will quickly add up and parts will need replacing. Thankfully, National Seating offers OE parts specifically designed specifically for replacing damaged or worn components of the seating line. These replacement parts, which range from the large back air springs to the pressure switches, are engineered to match the same specifications of the stock component, resulting in quality, look, and appearance that is nearly identical to the original.

Also, because they are exactly similar in design, genuine National Seating parts will always have a perfect fit without modifying the seat or the component itself. All replacement parts have also been performance tested and guaranteed to comply with industry standards on quality and safety.

Featured Products (view all)

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