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The Ohio Electric Motors Company, oftentimes referred to as simply Ohio Electric, is an American manufacturer of DC motors and engine accessories. Although it started small, Ohio Electric has come a long way and has always been one of the noteworthy manufacturers based out of the Northeastern United States.

Founded in the early 1900s, Ohio Electric has been producing high-quality electrical engineering products for about a century. The company started out producing simple electrical products and machining engine hardware, a legacy that continues to this day. After being incorporated into HBD Industries in 1989, Ohio Electric has been steadily increasing its design, production, and sales capabilities.

Today, the company remains relatively unchanged, from a brand perspective. It still produces high-quality electrical motors and engines and is still based out of Ohio. Most of the changes the company has made are to be found in its ever-increasing and ever-modernizing product catalogue.

The Ohio Electric Motors Company manufactures a wide list of pieces, parts, and hardware covering six categories: brushless motors, custom motors, explosion-proof motors, permanent magnet motors, SCR-rated motors, and wound field DC motors. Though these all fall into the same overarching category of "motors in general," the product catalogue of Ohio Electric is just about as diverse as any other manufacturer, which can make finding the right product incredibly difficult.

To make that process easier, we at FindItParts have organized a list of Ohio Electric products into a searchable, scrollable list complete with pictures.