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Since 1966, OEM Controls has been a leading name in the design and manufacture of electrohydraulic controllers and control systems. Describing itself as a one-stop-shop for electrohydraulic control solutions, OEM Controls offers a selection of axis joystick controllers, multi-grip handles, electronic valve driver boards, microprocessor-based logic controllers and integrated panel systems. The company also provides custom systems to meet specific customer requirements, using field-proven components, cutting-edge technology,  and 50 years of industry expertise. Today, OEM Control products are found in construction, marine, logging, mining, materials handling, agriculture, utility, emergency, railroad, and other applications.

From operators to projector managers, OEM Controls has a long list of products that meet the demands of customers from various industries with exceptional quality and reliable performance. Controllers are made of brand new components and are tested to have a mechanical life of up to five million cycles. For added durability, OEM Control products also feature short circuit and reverse polarity protection as well as environmental coating protection for added defense against the elements. In addition, OEM Controls also offers a range of handles with ergonomic, user-friendly designs and in a variety of configurations. All of these products are also covered by a comprehensive repair policy that offers dependability and quality of workmanship in the repair of damaged products.

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OEM CONTROLS EPVR/295 potentiometer OEM CONTROLS BMS4RM12044 joystick OEM CONTROLS JS5M9428 controller,js5,w/ball handle OEM CONTROLS EMS4M2995 controller OEM CONTROLS HJS9M14133 reman controller joystick OEM CONTROLS DMS4M10426 joystick controller - reman OEM CONTROLS MS6M12942 controller joystick OEM CONTROLS EMS4M5381 controller 12v OEM CONTROLS PF0486-2TR transmitterdrive cut OEM CONTROLS UFO9U11549 converter elec OEM CONTROLS MS4M9298 controller asm OEM CONTROLS EMS5M3412 controller OEM CONTROLS GG7 gear OEM CONTROLS EMS4M11403 controller asm OEM CONTROLS JS5DM11318 joystick controller OEM CONTROLS A/288 tube center OEM CONTROLS EMS4M3294 controller OEM CONTROLS EMS4M11664 exchange controller OEM CONTROLS MS6M13330 reman controller joystick OEM CONTROLS EJS6M8658 control asm OEM CONTROLS EJS6M11544 joystick OEM CONTROLS MS4M5790-CR controller joystick OEM CONTROLS EMS4M9123-CR joystick controller OEM CONTROLS JS3M9941F joystick OEM CONTROLS NN166T4233 light switch OEM CONTROLS EMS4M8263 joystk ctrl OEM CONTROLS SAPP/186 switch pot OEM CONTROLS MS6M11498 controller OEM CONTROLS RG5EM10788 handle assy OEM CONTROLS EMS4M3730 controller proportional OEM CONTROLS RS10T4078 controller OEM CONTROLS EMS4M6883 reman controller joystick OEM CONTROLS SYS/34 connector OEM CONTROLS EMS4M11152-CR controller OEM CONTROLS JS2M860 controller OEM CONTROLS JS5M11405 controller lift swinglocking OEM CONTROLS EMS4M10363 controller OEM CONTROLS EMS4M11583 controller reman OEM CONTROLS VN164T4145 selector switch OEM CONTROLS HCJS8M14473 controller can OEM CONTROLS DFP3M12576 foot pedal OEM CONTROLS HCMS7M18624 control electronic joystick OEM CONTROLS HCJS8M14317 joystick OEM CONTROLS JS1M2623 joystick OEM CONTROLS EPDR/12 soleniod thumper OEM CONTROLS MS6M10953 controller OEM CONTROLS SYS/190 latch over center draw OEM CONTROLS EMS4M10086-CR reman controller joystick OEM CONTROLS HCJS8M17154 hand lever controller OEM CONTROLS MS6M11188 controller OEM CONTROLS EJS6M8659 joystick OEM CONTROLS EMS4M2040 controller OEM CONTROLS KP-10 key pad OEM CONTROLS HCJS9M17936 handle OEM CONTROLS JS5M10473 joystick controller OEM CONTROLS DIH-1M13067 handle wsolenoid OEM CONTROLS EMS4M11322 controller OEM CONTROLS MS6M11498-CR controller joystick OEM CONTROLS MS6M11813-CR reman controller joystick OEM CONTROLS MS4M5355 joystick controller OEM CONTROLS EMS6M11864 joystick controller asm OEM CONTROLS GG/24 spring return OEM CONTROLS EMS4M10326 joystick controller OEM CONTROLS HCJS8M14676 hand lever OEM CONTROLS EMS4M10815 joystick OEM CONTROLS UF09M11155 converter OEM CONTROLS EMS4M10086 controller joystick 12v OEM CONTROLS EMS4M11160 controller joystick OEM CONTROLS PMS4M5726 controller OEM CONTROLS EMS4M8470 controller joystick OEM CONTROLS A/821 boot gasket assy OEM CONTROLS EMS4M5374 joystick dc vert OEM CONTROLS EJS3M4955 lift/swing controller OEM CONTROLS MS4M9905 control joystick