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Fluid leaks are among the most common issues faced by truck drivers. And when left unchecked, they can get on seals and rubber hoses and cause them to degrade prematurely, or worse, these can lead to catastrophic engine failure. Don't let this happen to you. If you own a fleet, all the more you need to invest in high-quality diagnostic leak detection equipment from Redline Detection. 

Headquartered in Orange, CA, Redline Detection LLC designs and manufactures the world's best-selling diagnostic leak detection equipment. Its comprehensive product line has changed the world of aftermarket diagnostics. It has also helped some of the renowned automakers and individual technicians solve complex problems and complete their tasks quickly and easily. The company continually updates its product lineup to cater to the changing needs of customers, and it is committed to providing not just the best equipment but also superior craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. 

For heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles, Redline Detection is proud to offer the Air Brake NanoLeak Finder™ and the HD Powersmoke™. The NanoLeak Finder is designed to precisely diagnose and quickly test high-pressure air brake, air suspension, and air-powered accessory system leaks with 100% reliability. The HD Powersmoke, on the other hand, is a heavy-duty diagnostic leak detector specifically designed for heavy duty trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, and industrial and agricultural applications. It features a compact, rugged design and is made with billet aluminum and steel for added durability. 

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