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Simple is better. That is the working principle of CASE Construction Equipment whenever it creates new products. The people behind this company believe that they are here to provide solutions to real-world challenges. So since it started in 1842, it has already produced a comprehensive line of versatile, productive machines and heavy-duty equipment for the agriculture, infrastructure, recycling, urban, and quarrying industries. 

CASE Construction Equipment derived its name from its founder, Jerome Increase CASE. In 1912, it introduced a complete line of road-building equipment, and 45 years later, it launched the landmark CASE Model 320, the industry's first factory-integrated backhoe or tractor loader. Under the leadership of JI CASE, the CASE company has become a household name in construction equipment manufacturing over the years. So in 2008, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers proudly inducted JI CASE into the Construction Equipment Hall of Fame for his significant contributions. 

A lot of CASE construction equipment and machines are widely used in different industries today. And if you're a proud owner of one or more of these machines, you'd be glad to know that Case-Replacement parts are very much available here at FinditParts. With these high-quality replacement parts, your machine and equipment can be up and running again. 

Case-Replacement parts are especially useful when you rely heavily on these machines and construction equipment to get the jobs done. So feel free to check our catalog to find the exact Case-Replacement component that you need. Whether you need a hydraulic pump, fuel pump gasket, air filter, spring brakes, washers, and bushings, we've got you covered. 

Featured Products (view all)

CASE-REPLACEMENT A38208 replaces case, bolt, wheel, 5/8-18 unf, 15/16" long CASE-REPLACEMENT 87319987 pump CASE-REPLACEMENT J914494 replaces case, pulley (181.25mm od), crankshaft CASE-REPLACEMENT 2852744 screw, hex, flg hd, m10 x 1.5 x 65, engine CASE-REPLACEMENT 86575514 replaces case, bearing, ball, 1.3755" id x 80mm od x 1.5" CASE-REPLACEMENT D32865 replaces case, bushing, tilt angle cylinder CASE-REPLACEMENT L25419 replaces case, cylinder, brake master CASE-REPLACEMENT D37495 replaces case, bushing (1-3/4 x 2-1/4 x 1-1/4 long),loader bucket CASE-REPLACEMENT D103626 replaces case, king pin kit, axle, front, (two wheel drive) CASE-REPLACEMENT R55649 bearing CASE-REPLACEMENT D30933 replaces case, bushing (38.41mm id x 47.63 mm od x 31.75 mm long) CASE-REPLACEMENT D25569 case replacement hyd pump pni CASE-REPLACEMENT 5802470503 water pump CASE-REPLACEMENT 85808316 replaces case, plate, counter, brake, front axle CASE-REPLACEMENT 84367828 bucket pin - 40mm od x 180mm long CASE-REPLACEMENT 86625149 external snap ring CASE-REPLACEMENT N14784 replaces case, seal kit, cylinder, brake, master CASE-REPLACEMENT 84557707 filter suitable 3i2113bq CASE-REPLACEMENT 128781A1 primary air filter CASE-REPLACEMENT 87340753 throttle cable CASE-REPLACEMENT 87340754 fuel system throttle cable CASE-REPLACEMENT D149298 replaces case, pin, dipper to bucket (44.38mm od x 331mm l) CASE-REPLACEMENT D140029 replaces case, bushing (50.22mm id x 60mm od x 25.5mm l) CASE-REPLACEMENT 229263A1 case replacement hyd motor CASE-REPLACEMENT N8291 case replacement shaft CASE-REPLACEMENT 121335A1 replaces case, cable, control, hand throttle CASE-REPLACEMENT 84355357 replaces case, spider, u-joint, shaft, axle CASE-REPLACEMENT G108512 replaces case, bushing, 41.2mm id x 50mm od x 18.7mm l CASE-REPLACEMENT D132076 replaces case, spacer (23.75mm id x 38.07mm od x 135mm long) CASE-REPLACEMENT CS144457A1 steering link CASE-REPLACEMENT J935449 replaces case, isolator, 10.2mm id x 19mm od x 10.1mm l CASE-REPLACEMENT 100552A1 o-ring, 215.57mm id x 220.81mm od x 2.62mm thick CASE-REPLACEMENT 272380 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT CSA27996 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT D135557 replaces case, bushing, 70.5mm id x 86mm od x 30mm l CASE-REPLACEMENT 311565A1 seal, oil, (30mm id x 44mm od x 17mm thick), axle CASE-REPLACEMENT D149739 seal kit, cylinder, steering, axle, front CASE-REPLACEMENT S6476 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT 124568A2 replaces case, bushing, ring, 69.92mm id x 77mm od x 28mm long CASE-REPLACEMENT 378290A1 axle pivot pin - 50mm od x 436.5mm l CASE-REPLACEMENT 47865950 bushing - 50.23mm id x 60mm od x 25.4mm l CASE-REPLACEMENT D150121 bushing, 70.19mm id x 94mm od x 40mm long CASE-REPLACEMENT J914086 tensioner, belt, cummins engines CASE-REPLACEMENT 1349089C1 replaces case, head gasket, 188 case gasoline engines CASE-REPLACEMENT 86529646 brake, disc, friction CASE-REPLACEMENT D151070 replaces case, bushing, swing tower frame, lower mounting CASE-REPLACEMENT 4896410 replaces case, valve press relief, oil filter and cooler, 4t-390 CASE-REPLACEMENT D37763 bushing (38.41mm id x 47.65mm od x 28.6mm l) CASE-REPLACEMENT 87313746 stud, planetary hub, 4wd CASE-REPLACEMENT 9626950 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT 84529088 bushing CASE-REPLACEMENT D127775 radiator hose - 58mm id x 225mm CASE-REPLACEMENT D129264 replaces case, bushing, 40.3mm id x 50mm od x 28mm l CASE-REPLACEMENT D150122 bushing CASE-REPLACEMENT D31140 replaces case, bushing, 38.33mm id x 47.63mm od x 25.4mm long CASE-REPLACEMENT A40962 replaces case, joint, ball, axle, steering CASE-REPLACEMENT D150619 replaces case, pin (44.29mm od x 372.6mm l), dipper to bucket CASE-REPLACEMENT D136700 shim - 67mm id x 83mm od x 1.57mm thick CASE-REPLACEMENT 87335469 fuel cap CASE-REPLACEMENT 181123A1 oil seal - 60mm id x 75mm od x 8mm thick CASE-REPLACEMENT K68951 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT 144465A1 u-joint CASE-REPLACEMENT 112509A1 ball joint, right-hand threads CASE-REPLACEMENT 137248A1 replaces case, bushing, 50.79mm id x 80.96mm od x 44.45 w CASE-REPLACEMENT D140247 lock pin - 25.4mm od x 232.6mm l CASE-REPLACEMENT J931623 replaces case, tappet, valve, lifter CASE-REPLACEMENT A24391 qr precleaner CASE-REPLACEMENT 87710157 replaces case, tie-rod (26mm od x 265mm l), steering, axle CASE-REPLACEMENT D151065 bushing - 70.19mm id x 94mm od x 30mm long CASE-REPLACEMENT 47724311 replaces case, bearing, hub reduction, axle, front & rear CASE-REPLACEMENT G107675 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT 119243A1 replaces case, rim, 16.5" dia x 9.75" wide, 8-holes, 4wd, tan CASE-REPLACEMENT 132890A1 pin, 70mm od x 128.5mm l CASE-REPLACEMENT D141142 replaces case, pin (50mm od x 306mm l), dipper and bucket CASE-REPLACEMENT D127507 replaces case, bushing (22.33 id x 32.25 od x 25mm l), spindle CASE-REPLACEMENT D151074 replaces case, bushing, 70.19mm id x 86mm od x 28mm l CASE-REPLACEMENT D151069 replaces case, bushing, aftermarket CASE-REPLACEMENT D151073 replaces case, bushing, 70.19mm id x 86mm od x 34mm l CASE-REPLACEMENT D123684 washer (52.3mm id x 114mm od x 4.78mm thk) CASE-REPLACEMENT D135559 replaces case, bushing, 70.19mm id x 86mm od x 28mm l CASE-REPLACEMENT D149239 pin CASE-REPLACEMENT D126580 replaces case, pump, hydraulic, double gear CASE-REPLACEMENT 182445A1 replaces case, cylinder, master (104.8mm stroke) CASE-REPLACEMENT A39273 oil seal CASE-REPLACEMENT D32919 replaces case, bushing, bucket, dipper, backhoe CASE-REPLACEMENT 238-7116 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT CSA40962 tie rod CASE-REPLACEMENT 84512471 spider CASE-REPLACEMENT J286278 replaces case, pump, water, assembly with pulley and o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT 800-44040 snap ring CASE-REPLACEMENT 87313795 replaces case, ball joint, right-hand threads CASE-REPLACEMENT 311569A1 replaces case, seal, oil, 130mm id x 160mm od x 14mm thk CASE-REPLACEMENT 142842A1 pin - 50mm od x 170mm long CASE-REPLACEMENT D149079 replaces case, bushing, 50.19mm id x 60mm od x 34mm l CASE-REPLACEMENT 47362917 replaces case, pump assembly, hydraulic equipment - 17 splines CASE-REPLACEMENT 84142216 replaces case, pump, lift, fuel for 4-390 (4b) and 4t-390 (4bt) CASE-REPLACEMENT 5194292 bushing, 35mm id x 39.1mm od x 35mm l CASE-REPLACEMENT A27507 o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT L105142 pin CASE-REPLACEMENT 84355325 replaces case, spider, u-joint, greasable, axle, front & rear CASE-REPLACEMENT J924147 replaces case, plug (m18 x 1.5), drain, oil, magnetic CASE-REPLACEMENT J911559 fan belt - 27.92mm w x 1574.80mm l CASE-REPLACEMENT 384315A1 qr seal CASE-REPLACEMENT 331982A1 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT 238-7115 o-ring, 0.103" thk x 0.674" id, -115, cl7, 75 duro CASE-REPLACEMENT 293923A1 replaces case, seal kit, implement pump CASE-REPLACEMENT 234447A1 cylinder, hydraulic, power steering, 2wd CASE-REPLACEMENT 800-40065 snap ring CASE-REPLACEMENT A77673 oil pan gasket CASE-REPLACEMENT D138047 replaces case, bushing (50.22mm id x 60mm od x 54mm long) CASE-REPLACEMENT 9968353 filter suitable 4717003bq CASE-REPLACEMENT CS238-6159 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT 84322471RX CASE-REPLACEMENT N13999 CASE-REPLACEMENT 8094845 replaces case, piston ring, kit, nef turbo engine CASE-REPLACEMENT 84585624 replaces case, bracket, housing, bearing, cooling system CASE-REPLACEMENT 9706714 o-ring, 0.139" thk x 0.734" id, -210, cl5, 75 duro CASE-REPLACEMENT A77890 replaces case, front crankshaft seal w/ wear sleeve & dust seal CASE-REPLACEMENT 384296A1 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT 384297A1 gasket CASE-REPLACEMENT 384322A1 disc clutch CASE-REPLACEMENT 47481064 drive gear set CASE-REPLACEMENT 87564081 spider CASE-REPLACEMENT A27365 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT 384323A1 plate CASE-REPLACEMENT 218-5008 o-ring (0.116" thk x 0.924" id, cl 6, 90 duro) CASE-REPLACEMENT 238-5273 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT G100959 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT A77889 seal CASE-REPLACEMENT CS2388217 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT S301993 bearing CASE-REPLACEMENT 181136A1 o-ring, valve, control CASE-REPLACEMENT 238-5013 o-ring, .426" id x .070" thk CASE-REPLACEMENT 86624951 bolt, plow, (#3, 3/4" - 10 x 2", grade 8) CASE-REPLACEMENT 87523063 spherical bearing - 28mm id x 52mm od x 16mm w CASE-REPLACEMENT 107124A1 replaces case, bushing, 44.75mm id x 57.15mm od x 29mm long CASE-REPLACEMENT N13583 seal CASE-REPLACEMENT 854-10065 bolt CASE-REPLACEMENT 100563A1 bearing, needle, 10 pc kit, planetary CASE-REPLACEMENT 219-1 fitting,grease CASE-REPLACEMENT 87613252 flat washer CASE-REPLACEMENT D127167 replaces case, bushing (57.34mm id x 70mm od x 30mm long) CASE-REPLACEMENT G32176 back-up ring(101.22mm id x 107.32mm od x 1.4mm th) CASE-REPLACEMENT L32418 case replacement lip seal CASE-REPLACEMENT S619344 case replacement hyd pump pnimade in the u.s.a. heavy duty cast iron CASE-REPLACEMENT A38490 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT G102844 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT L32100 case replacement gasket seal CASE-REPLACEMENT 238-5277 seal o-ring CASE-REPLACEMENT CSJ906659 copper washer Browse more...