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Peterbilt is a manufacturer producing a wide variety of pieces, parts, and hardware as well as medium- and heavy-duty trucks. This company has been around for decades and has consistently been producing vehicles capable of standing the test of time. Peterbilt's designers have a long-standing history of producing high-quality products, making the company one of the best-known manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks in all of North America.

Peterbilt got its start in 1939 when T. A. Peterman began building trucks of his own. Peterman's innovative designs enabled his company to satisfy the demands of countless truckers looking for newer and better trucking systems. The company's first successful truck was, at the time, highly original, boasting a lightweight, dual-drive, all-steel cab. Over the last 80 plus years, Peterbilt's designs have changed but its commitment to innovation has remained as strong as ever.

Today, Peterbilt produces trucks in a variety of classes as well as the pieces, parts, and hardware needed to maintain, repair, and even upgrade those trucks. Although the company doesn't have much of an international presence off of the North American continent, it does have nearly 400 different dealers carrying its vehicles across the United States.

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