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Features & Benefits

  • Gives your Peterbilt’s cabin a facelift without affecting the functionality of the buttons and controls
  • Ensures precise control of your heater system through a user-friendly and functional design
  • Designed for a seamless fit, allowing for a quick and hassle-free replacement process
  • Made specifically for your Peterbilt model to guarantee compatibility with your existing heater control system
  • Manufactured from durable materials to withstand daily use and maintain its appearance for many years

Peterbilt HVAC Heater Control Unit Housing

Bring back the look and functionality of your Peterbilt's climate control system with the high-grade Peterbilt HVAC Heater Control Unit Housing. This component serves as the command center for your heater, housing the buttons and dials that regulate cabin temperature. The Peterbilt Q21-6119 directly replaces a scratched, faded, or cracked HVAC heater control unit housing, improving the interior's aesthetics without compromising the functionality of the controls.

Peterbilt is a brand that is built to last. Established in 1939, Peterbilt® has been recognized as the Class of the trucking industry, designing and constructing purpose-built vehicles that are skillfully crafted to endure the rigors of daily use and stand the test of time. Peterbilt trucks have always been groundbreaking from the beginning—equipped with advanced technologies that boost performance, safety, fuel efficiency, and uptime. When it comes to the best-in-the-industry parts and service, Peterbilt also leads the pack. It helps every trucker go further by providing a full range of replacement truck parts and accessories, including air filters, floor mats, clutch pedals, light assemblies, manifolds, sensors, and a whole lot more.

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