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Features & Benefits

  • Protects engine components by effectively catching harmful contaminants, safeguarding injectors and other fuel system parts
  • Clean fuel guarantees optimal combustion for consistent power delivery and smooth operation
  • Helps avoid clogged injectors and restricted fuel flow, maximizing engine performance and power output
  • Designed to meet your truck’s specifications, ensuring precise fit and optimal filtration efficiency
  • Manufactured from high-quality materials that resist wear and tear, offering long-lasting protection for your engine

Peterbilt Fuel Filter

Acting as the guard of your fuel system, the Peterbilt Fuel Filter meticulously sifts out dirt, rust, and other microscopic particles from the diesel fuel before it reaches the engine's sensitive injectors. It safeguards your Peterbilt's engine from harmful contaminants and ensures smooth operation. The Peterbilt K37-1032 traps contaminants that can otherwise damage injectors, hinder fuel flow, and lead to decreased engine performance and power.

Peterbilt is a brand that is built to last. Established in 1939, Peterbilt® has been recognized as the Class of the trucking industry, designing and constructing purpose-built vehicles that are skillfully crafted to endure the rigors of daily use and stand the test of time. Peterbilt trucks have always been groundbreaking from the beginning—equipped with advanced technologies that boost performance, safety, fuel efficiency, and uptime. When it comes to the best-in-the-industry parts and service, Peterbilt also leads the pack. It helps every trucker go further by providing a full range of replacement truck parts and accessories, including air filters, floor mats, clutch pedals, light assemblies, manifolds, sensors, and a whole lot more.

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