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Permco is one of those manufacturers that likes to stick to its specialty: hydraulics. Unlike other companies, such as Dexter Axle, which start out specialized and soon expand their product lineups to cover a wide variety of parts, Permco produces hydraulics and that's about it. Of course, the brand also puts its engineers to work producing pieces, parts, and hardware for power take offs (PTOs), motors, flow-dividers, and complementary accessories, but the major reason people go to Permco is for the hydraulics.

Permco's official name is the Perfection Machining Company, a name that was forged alongside the birth of the company in 1964. The intention of the founders was to use Permco to manufacture replacement parts for use in the mining industry, servicing both aftermarket products as well as parts matching original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. That commitment to compatibility and improvement is one that continues to this day.

Not only do we carry a wide array of Permco's dedicated hydraulics, covering three major categories (hydraulic pumps and motors, hydraulic wetline kits, and relief valves), but we also carry an assortment of Permco's less commonly sold parts, such as its roll-off D-M pumps and air shaft kits. These parts have been subjected to Permco's rigorous testing processes as well as the more rigorous test of consumer satisfaction, passing both due to the use of high-quality materials and forward-thinking in the design process.