Spending days and nights sitting in a metal box isn’t exactly a day on the beach. Vehicle cabins are known for getting way hotter than the outside temperature on a summer day — but the winter isn’t exactly a comfort cruise either. Instead of making each drive a trip to the sauna or the ice house, use heavy-duty vehicle air conditioning and heating parts to get the temperature exactly where you want it. FinditParts has the best availability of HVAC components for trucks, industrial vehicles and off-highway autos that will warm you up or keep you cool.

An air conditioning system can require a lot of different parts. And that’s why we have a lot of different truck AC parts choose from. Put in the right AC compressor from hundreds of options along with compressor clutches, clutch hubs and pulleys. You might also need AC condensers, driers, thermostats, hoses or refrigerants — and you can rest assured they’re in stock from reputable brands. Complete truck air conditioning kits include everything to replace a broken down or inadequate AC unit with a shiny new one.

Give your heating system a tune-up as well while you’re here. After all, unless you’re way down South, it isn’t going to stay hot out forever. There are all sorts of heater cores, heater valves, blower motors, fans and heating controls for warming up that air and moving it into the cab. Make sure it’s air you want to breathe, though, with truck cab air filters to remove dirt and smog. FinditParts can regulate the thermometer in an enclosed hauler as well with trailer AC and heating parts to protect temperature-sensitive cargo.

Count on our one-stop shop for truck air conditioning and heating to make a work drive as comfortable as a pleasure drive. With our competitive pricing and free shipping on qualifying orders, you can afford to outfit a whole fleet of vehicles. Search by part number or call our customer service team to find exactly what you need.