Hutchens Industries, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of trailer suspensions, sub-frames and a wide variety of steel fabrications. The company was established in 1950 by its founder, C. Ted Hutchens. It was an outgrowth of Mr. Hutchens' prior experience as a manufacturer of Cargo Tanks for trucks and trailers. Hutchens operated at a number of Springfield sites and, in 1962, launched its first major expansion by opening its 'Marshfield Steel' plant in nearby Marshfield, Missouri. The company grew rapidly and, in 1969, built an additional manufacturing facility in Mansfield, Missouri. In 1978, a steel processing plant was erected in Seymour, Missouri. Strategically located between Marshfield and Mansfield, its mission was to supply steel to both plants. While continuing and expanding its role as 'steel processor' for the entire company, Seymour grew to become the center for suspension component manufacture and finished product distribution, as well. The growth of Seymour resulted in the closing of the Marshfield operations in the late '80s. This first decade of a new century has brought us some of the most turbulent times in our company’s history. From the uncertainty following 9-11, to the highs of 2006 and 2007, to the abyss of our “Great Recession”, the challenges have seemed unending. But Hutchens’ leaders are steering the straightest possible course and are doing their best to keep an “even keel” despite the turmoil! With new designs, new ideas and new and improved manufacturing techniques and facilities, the company is poised to enter the second decade of this century stronger than ever. We are ready for whatever comes next. Hutchens Industries remains a closely held, family owned concern. Jeffrey C. Hutchens is its president and CEO succeeding his father, Lewis G. Hutchens who in turn, had succeed his father, C. Ted Hutchens upon his death in the late 1960’s. The company’s products are distributed globally. Its customers include trailer manufacturers large and small, heavy duty parts distributors of all sizes, other suspension builders and a variety of firms in other industries.