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Milwaukee is a manufacturer best-known for its tools and battery products. But that's not to say that the company only produces tools and battery products. In reality, the brand is responsible for the production of a wide variety of pieces, parts, and hardware necessary for the production, maintenence, and upgrade of just about any product that you're working on.

Whether you're looking for a simple hand-held product or a high-quality power tool, Milwaukee has what it takes to ensure that your project can be completed in a timely manner. Milwaukee's products cover 12 different categories, including things like hand-held tools and work gear, each of which containing an additional number of sub-categories. All-in-all, the brand covers just about everything that you'll need in order to fully-stock your workshop.

Many repairmen, technicians, and truckers keep a variety of Milwaukee products on hand in their garage for a variety of purposes. Whether to upgrade your vehicle with a new aftermarket part, to replace an existing OEM product, or just to get to know your vehicle better, Milwaukee produces the equipment necessary to get it done.

Part of the reason that Milwaukee has been such a successful brand, particularly in recent years, is the brand's commitment to producing just about every tool that a trucker or vehicle repair person could possibly need. Whereas some companies will focus exclusively on manufacturing a single piece, part, or hardware, Milwaukee also produces necessities like work shirts and coolers, making it a great option whether you're looking for a new tool or just something to make your project a little more comfortable.

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MILWAUKEE 2727-21HD ® m18™ fuel™ 16" cordless chainsaw kit w/ 12.0ah battery MILWAUKEE 6232-21 ® deep cut variable speed band saw kit MILWAUKEE 2691-22 m18 cordless li-ion 2-tool combo kit MILWAUKEE 2738-20 m18 fuel 7" variable speed polisher - bare tool MILWAUKEE 49-81-0090 led upgrade bulb MILWAUKEE 2646-20 m18™ cordless 2-speed grease gun (bare tool) MILWAUKEE 2724-21HD ® m18™ fuel™ 120mph 450cfm cordless handheld blower kit 9.0ah MILWAUKEE 48-22-8426 ® plastic packout rolling tool MILWAUKEE 2767-22 ® 1/2" high torque impact wrench with ring kit MILWAUKEE 2960-22 m18 fuel 3/8"" mtiw w/ friction ring 5.0 kit MILWAUKEE 2463-22 m12¿ 3/8¿ impact wrench kit cordless lithium-ion MILWAUKEE 9565 ® 1 ton, electric chain hoist, 10' lift, 16 fpm, 115/230v MILWAUKEE 0880-20 ® m18™ 2-gallon cordless wet/dry vacuum (bare tool only) MILWAUKEE 8975-6 ® dual temperature heat gun MILWAUKEE 2853-20 m18 fuel 1/4" hex impact driver (bare tool only) MILWAUKEE 2460-20 m12 rotary tool bare MILWAUKEE 48-32-4705 ® shockwave™ insert bit hex 9/64" - bulk (25) MILWAUKEE 2111-21 hard hat headlamp - usb rechargeable MILWAUKEE 48-11-1840 ® 18v li-ion m18 battery 4ah extended capacity MILWAUKEE 2736-21HD m18 fuel 8-1/4in table saw w/one-key kit MILWAUKEE 4272-21 magnetic drill press kit, 14-7/64 in. h MILWAUKEE 2659-20 265-20 m18 cordless 1/2" impact wrench w/ pin detent (bare tool only) MILWAUKEE 48-22-2718 ® 8 piece screwdriver set MILWAUKEE 2766-22 m18 fuel 1/2" high torque impact wrench w/ pin kit MILWAUKEE 2869-22HD m18 fuel 1" d-handle htiw, ext. anvil kit MILWAUKEE 48-89-9205 ® step bit #5 1/4" - 1-3/8" MILWAUKEE 49-56-9617 ® 1-1/2" hole dozer™ bi-metal hole saw MILWAUKEE 48-22-8425 packout™ large tool box MILWAUKEE 48-32-5031 ® shockwave™ 1/4" hex shank to 3/8" socket adpater MILWAUKEE 2527-20 m12 fuel hatchet 6" pruning saw (tool-only) MILWAUKEE 48-22-2760 ® 11-in-1 screwdriver MILWAUKEE 2724-20 | m18 fuel™ blower (tool only) - cordless handheld blower MILWAUKEE 48-22-8450 packout tool case w/ foam insert MILWAUKEE 5380-21 1/2" hammer drill w/ carrying case MILWAUKEE 2387-S m12 realtree xtra camo 3-in-1 heat. jacket kit- s MILWAUKEE 2850-20 m18™ 1/4" hex brushless impact driver bare tool MILWAUKEE 2867-20 m18 fuel 1" high torque impact wrench bare tool MILWAUKEE 5268-21 rotary hammer 1-1/8" sds plus kit MILWAUKEE 49-22-8106 ® wheel kit for panel saw MILWAUKEE 5262-21 7/8" sds plus rotary hammer kit MILWAUKEE 2767-20 m18™ fuel™ 1/2" high torque impact wrench with ring MILWAUKEE 48-22-0325 ® 25' magnetic tape measure MILWAUKEE 2615-20 m18 3/8" right angle drill/driver (bare tool only) MILWAUKEE 2892-22CT m18™ compact brushless drill & impact driver combo kit MILWAUKEE 2867-22 m18 fuel 1" high torque impact wrench kit MILWAUKEE 2803-20 m18 fuel¿ 1/2" drill/driver tool only MILWAUKEE 2473-22 ® m12™ forcelogic™ press tool 1/2"-1" kit MILWAUKEE 2729-21 ® m18 fuel™ deep cut band saw kit MILWAUKEE 48-32-5730 ® shockwave™ 1/4" hex shank to 1/4" socket adapter MILWAUKEE 2902-22 m18™ 1/2" compact brushless drill/driver kit MILWAUKEE 2630-20 ® m18™ cordless 6-1/2" circular saw (bare tool only) MILWAUKEE 2485-20 m12 fuel right MILWAUKEE 45-96-9820 7/8" flex head ratcheting combination wrench MILWAUKEE 2951-20 m12 radio / charger; bluetooth 4.2 & am/fm radio (bare tool) MILWAUKEE 48-32-5033 ® shockwave™ 1/4" hex shank socket adapter set 3pc. MILWAUKEE 49-22-4800 3-piece shockwave impact hole saw hit MILWAUKEE 2554-20 m12 fuel stubby 3/8in impact wrench (bare) MILWAUKEE 2438-22X m12 variable speed polisher/sander with 5 piece accessory kit MILWAUKEE 48-22-3079 7-3/4" 6-in-1 combination plier MILWAUKEE 2125-20 underhood light - m12 led (bare tool) MILWAUKEE 2821-20 m18 fuel sawzall recip saw MILWAUKEE 2456-21 ® m12™ 1/4" ratchet kit MILWAUKEE 0882-20 ® m18™ cordless compact vacuum w/hose attachments and accessories (tool-only) MILWAUKEE 48-22-6617 ® 5m/16ft combo general contractor tape measure MILWAUKEE 48-01-7035 ® 6" 5 tpi sawzall® blade (100 pack) MILWAUKEE 2864-20 high torque impact wrench (bare tool) MILWAUKEE 2864-22 m18 fuel™ w/ one-key™ high torque impact wrench 3/4" friction ring kit MILWAUKEE 2460-21 ® m12™ cordless li-ion rotary tool kit MILWAUKEE 48-22-3100 ® inkzall™ black fine point marker MILWAUKEE 6268-21 ® orbital jig saw MILWAUKEE 2688-21 m18™ heat gun kit MILWAUKEE 2557-20 m12 fuel 3/8" ratchet (tool only) MILWAUKEE 2868-22HD m18 fuel 1" d-handle kit MILWAUKEE 2695-24 m18 cordless li-ion 4-tool combo kit MILWAUKEE 48-32-4521 ® shockwave™ bit tip holder mag 6" MILWAUKEE 48-39-0561 ® 44-7/8" x 1/2" x .020" 14/18tpi standard deep cut band saw blade (3 pack) MILWAUKEE 2846-20 m18 top-off 175w power supply MILWAUKEE 49-56-6560 ® hole saw arbor adapter MILWAUKEE 2950-20 â® m18 packout radio and battery charger MILWAUKEE 2836-20 m18 fuel oscillating multi-tool (bare-tool) MILWAUKEE 48-21-2000 tick tool and equipment tracker - 1pk MILWAUKEE 2488-20 m12 soldering iron (bare tool) MILWAUKEE 49-90-2306 m12 hammervac filter MILWAUKEE 2806-20 m18 fuel 1/2" hammer drill with one key bare tool MILWAUKEE 2801-20 m18™ 1/2" compact brushless drill/driver bare tool MILWAUKEE 2113-21 usb pivoting flashlight MILWAUKEE 2688-20 m18 heat gun (bare tool) MILWAUKEE 48-89-9223 4-piece step drill bit set MILWAUKEE 48-59-1806 ® m18™ six pack sequential charger MILWAUKEE 6124-30 13 amp 5" small angle grinder trigger grip, lock-on MILWAUKEE 2615-21CT m18 right angle drill with compact batteries MILWAUKEE 2550-20 m12™ rivet tool - bare tool MILWAUKEE 2522-20 m12 fuel 3-inch compact cut off tool (bare tool) MILWAUKEE 48-11-2412 ® 12v li-ion m12 battery 3ah extended capacity 2pk MILWAUKEE 2530-20 m12 fuel 5-3/8' circular saw - bare tool MILWAUKEE 49-22-4185 ® 28 pc. all purpose professional hole dozer™ hole saw kit MILWAUKEE 2475-20 ® m12™ compact inflator (tool only) MILWAUKEE 2415-20 m12 3/8" right angle drill/driver (tool only) MILWAUKEE 6538-21 ® 15.0 amp super sawzall® reciprocating saw MILWAUKEE 2696-24 ® m18™ cordless li-ion 4-tool combo kit, (2) 3.0ah batt, charger, bag MILWAUKEE 2306-22 , m12 hammervac universal dust extractor kit MILWAUKEE 48-11-1852 ® 18v li-ion m18 battery 5ah extended capacity 2pk MILWAUKEE 2668-20 m18 2-speed 3/8' right angle impact wrench (bare tool) MILWAUKEE 2863-20 m18 fuel™ one-key 1/2" high torque impact wrench MILWAUKEE 2475-21XC ® m12™ compact inflator kit MILWAUKEE 0885-20 m18 fuel 3-in-1 backpack vacuum MILWAUKEE 49-90-1670 ® wet/dry cleaning kit MILWAUKEE 2560-20 m12 fuel 3/8" extended reach ratchet bare tool MILWAUKEE 2801-22CT m18™ 1/2" compact brushless drill/driver kit MILWAUKEE 2804-20 m18 fuel 1/2" hammer drill driver (bare tool only) MILWAUKEE 49-16-2564 m12 fuel ra impact wrench protective boot MILWAUKEE 2438-20 m12 variable speed polisher/sander - bare tool MILWAUKEE 0884-20 ® m18™ 18v 160mph 100cfm compact cordless handheld blower (bare tool) MILWAUKEE 2420-21 ® m12™ hackzall® cordless reciprocating saw kit MILWAUKEE 2446-20 m12 grease gun (bare tool) MILWAUKEE 2457-21 ® m12™ 3/8" ratchet kit MILWAUKEE 2660-21CT MILWAUKEE 48-22-8460 packout 16 qt. cooler MILWAUKEE 601HV-XL MILWAUKEE 48-22-9012 â® 1/2 in. drive ratchet MILWAUKEE 48-22-8322 â® packoutâ„¢ 20 in. tool bag MILWAUKEE 0003-0124 screw shcf #10-32x1.5 MILWAUKEE 0003-0612 screw shcf .375-24x.75 MILWAUKEE 0003-1228 screw shcc .75-10x1.75 MILWAUKEE 0052-0608 screw hhc .375-16 x .50 gr5 zp MILWAUKEE 0052-1864 screw hhc 1.125-7 x 4" lg. MILWAUKEE 0053-0856 screw hhf .5-20x3.50 gr5 MILWAUKEE 0375-03000 non-returnable rectangular .375 x 3.00 - 1018 MILWAUKEE 0501-0518 nut hex .3125-18 MILWAUKEE 0512-2720M nut cl10 locking m27 x 2 MILWAUKEE 0514-0624 non-returnable nut internal wrench 3/8-24 MILWAUKEE 1005-2226 o-ring urethne 2-226 MILWAUKEE 100920 stop tube 5x .875 qpq p. g. MILWAUKEE 15-03-0002 bushing .500 rod "v" packing MILWAUKEE 15-60-100M non-returnable mh 42 lug 100 mm bore MILWAUKEE 15-60-125M non-returnable mh 42 lug 125 mm bore MILWAUKEE 15-68-040M non-returnable mh64 mtg ear 40 mm bore MILWAUKEE 15-69-080M non-returnable mh61 mtg ear 80 mm bore MILWAUKEE 2401-1200 gasket 12x12.343x.031 MILWAUKEE MS27595-114 b.u. ring MILWAUKEE OCS-109G-5 spring 1.095 odx.799 id 3" lg MILWAUKEE R-50-0206 non-returnable ret 2.5 bore s.s 3.0 sq x .38 MILWAUKEE UL43748 non-returnable hhcs 3/8-16 x 1.25 ss MILWAUKEE UL44713 shim MILWAUKEE UL44725 thrust bearing MILWAUKEE UL93365 set screw 3/8-16 x 5/8 cup MILWAUKEE UL98283 end plt MILWAUKEE ULU102342304-2 stop nut j3 MILWAUKEE ULU102416242-1 non-returnable shoulder scr mcmas short MILWAUKEE ULY0001268 key 5/16 x 5/16 x 1 3/8 long Browse more...