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Founded in 1969, Dynabrade is a U.S.-based manufacturer of portable pneumatic and electric power tools. It is widely known for its line of portable belt sanders, which effectively cuts down on filing and sanding, especially on corners and tight spaces. The Dynabrade brand covers a range of high-quality portable grinders, drills, routers, percussive and reciprocating tools, and related accessories. The company has its headquarters in Clarence, NY, and it has major distribution centers in Luxembourg and India to cater to customers in the Americas, Europe, and in the Asia/Pacific region.

Under its automotive aftermarket division, Dynabrade has developed a range of power tools and accessories used for grinding, finishing, color sanding, and polishing of automotive surfaces. Dynabrade products are designed and tested for optimal use on a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and body filler, as well as on paint and clear coats. Tools are also weight-mated to generate the lowest vibration levels possible and are fitted with ergonomic soft-grip handles for increased wrist support and overall operator comfort. All tools and accessories are assembled in the U.S. using high-grade materials and performance tested before shipping to its customers.

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DYNABRADE 56106 non-vac vinyl-face DYNABRADE 56234 8" non vac pad DYNABRADE 11206 contact arm assmy DYNABRADE 11203 contact arm DYNABRADE 54328 6" hook-face sanding pad DYNABRADE ROB1 21mm orb buffer DYNABRADE 18050 6" - 8" autobrade buffer DYNABRADE 92284 hub assembly for dyn-92245 wire wheel DYNABRADE ECU4 5" extended cut off tool DYNABRADE NZ1 nitrozip eraser tool DYNABRADE 92295 eraser wheel with hub, flat DYNABRADE EB3 3" extension buffer polisher DYNABRADE 56826 6” dynorbital supreme random orbital sander non-vacuum, 3/16" DYNABRADE NZ1K nitrozip versatility kit DYNABRADE 57113 blade/rotor set DYNABRADE 58514 2-2/3" x 7-3/4" dynabugii non-vacuum hook DYNABRADE 56326 velcro pad DYNABRADE 94467 dynajet in-line blow gun y-tip DYNABRADE DGS51 1/2 hp die grinder straight line DYNABRADE 59109 central vacuum dynorbital-spirit random 3" dia. orbital sander DYNABRADE 79712 buffing and polishing abrasive DYNABRADE 50126 3" hook-n-loop pad DYNABRADE 79703 5-1/2 in. dynacut orange foam flat face polishing pad DYNABRADE 94960 1/4' pus -button coupler DYNABRADE 94300 1/4” dynaswivel® npt air line connector DYNABRADE DS32 2" disc sander 1/3 hp right angle DYNABRADE 51810 pencil grinder 1/4" air inlet 100000 rpm .1 hp DYNABRADE 56206 6" diameter non-vacuum disc pad vinyl-face DYNABRADE 56107 psa vinyl-face 6" diameter random orbital sanding pad DYNABRADE 79701 5-1/2 in. dynacut top wool polishing pad, hook and loop DYNABRADE MNF1 mini nitrofile belt sander DYNABRADE 92255 red-tred™ eraser wheel - 4” dia. x 3/4” wide DYNABRADE 58516 2-2/3" x 7-3/4" dynabug ii non-vacuum hook DYNABRADE 56052 balancer bearing DYNABRADE 90028 3" wool buff pad DYNABRADE 50632 6" dia. non-vacuum disc pad vinyl-face DYNABRADE 52635 5" disc sander 12000 rpm DYNABRADE 51350 2-3/4" x 11" file board sander, non-vacuum DYNABRADE RB3 1800-4800 rpm rotary polisher DYNABRADE 92245 3/4” dynazip coarse wire wheel DYNABRADE 57112 muffler assembly DYNABRADE 95460 1/4" heavy-duty dynaswivel DYNABRADE 80076 disposable vacuum paper bag 17 gal. DYNABRADE 92248 1/2” dynazip coarse wire wheel DYNABRADE 57123 converts 6" non-vac spirit sander tool tocentral vac sander DYNABRADE 21457 red plastic cover nd3071 DYNABRADE 50209 rotary buffing kit DYNABRADE X61VHS 6" cv extreme 3/16" orbit DYNABRADE X31 3in extremenonvac 3/16 DYNABRADE 58400 5" two-hand dynorbital random orbital sander 12000 rpm DYNABRADE 51703 pencil grinder 1/4" air inlet 50000 rpm .1 hp DYNABRADE DGR51 1/2 hp die grinder, right angle DYNABRADE 92246 3/4” dynazip medium wire wheel DYNABRADE DS53 3" disc sander, 1/2 hp, right angle DYNABRADE 58511 2-2/3" x 6-7/8" dynabug ii non-vacuum vinyl DYNABRADE X32 3" ros non-vac hook pad 12 000 rpm 3/32" orbit DYNABRADE X3161H 3" & 6" extremenonvac 3/16 DYNABRADE 90036 5" 127 mm dia. polishing pad natural sheepskin wool DYNABRADE 59025 6" dia. non-vacuum dynorbital-spirit random orbital sander DYNABRADE DGR31 1/3 hp die grinder right angle DYNABRADE 59110 3" dynorbital-sp ros non-vac DYNABRADE 59013H 6in sand 3/8 w 54328 hook pad DYNABRADE NF1VK nitrofile versatility kit DYNABRADE 79715 dynaorange polishing compound 1 liter DYNABRADE 79702 5-1/2 in. dynacut white foam flat face polishing pad DYNABRADE 59028S 6in sand 3/16 w 54328 hook pad DYNABRADE 61374 random orbital head kit DYNABRADE 58442 6" dia. two-hand gear-driven sander, non-vacuum DYNABRADE RS1 reciprocation saw, 3/8" stroke DYNABRADE NF1 18" nitrofile belt sander DYNABRADE DGS31 1/3 hp die grinder straight line DYNABRADE X3262H 3" & 6" extremenonvac 3/32 DYNABRADE 59105 3in 3/16 r/o sander DYNABRADE 11078 contact wheel DYNABRADE 21425 nd 3015-1 bearing&shaft assm DYNABRADE 59182 6in 3/16 r/o sander hook cn vc DYNABRADE 92247 3/4” dynazip fine wire wheel DYNABRADE 52632 4-1/2" dia. right angle depressed center wheel grinder 3/8" air inlet 12000 rpm 1.3 hp DYNABRADE 58445 8" dia. two-hand gear-driven sander non-vacuum DYNABRADE 92297 red-tred eraser disc, flat DYNABRADE 50679 pad wrench DYNABRADE 54327 6" dia. non-vacuum disc pad, hook-face, short nap DYNABRADE 69272 muffler assembly