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Channellock tools are all American-made toolsets durably built to work hard and not quit. Channellock, Inc. started making high-quality hand tools back in 1886. After 133 years, the company now has more than 350 dedicated associates in Meadville, PA, USA that manufacture over 75 different types and sizes of pliers. Channellock trains its employees to have a keen eye for even the smallest details, making the company capable of providing pliers that won't just finish the job but will also make it an easy feat.

Founded by George B. DeArment, a blacksmith from Evansburg, Pa., Channellock has four guiding principles: "1. Good management is never far from the factory floor, 2. people are more important than machines, 3. bigger doesn't always mean better, and 4. dedication to excellence is the surest way to surmount adversity and to prosper." Despite DeArment's humble beginnings of hand-forging farrier tools in a small factory and selling them from town to town at the back of a wagon, these principles directed the company into becoming the Champion Bolt & Clipper Company that it is today.

1933 was a breakthrough year for the company because it was when a legend—the pliers named Channellock—was forged. Crafted by Chief Engineer Howard Manning, the multi-position, tongue and groove, slip-joint style pliers were granted patent and trademark protection in 1935. At present, Channellock, Inc. is managed by the fifth generation of the DeArment family. It is globally known for its full line of pliers, screwdrivers, specialty tools, wrenches, and complete toolsets.

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