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Proper repair of any autobody damage due to a collision is crucial to the safety and performance of trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, and coaches. If you don't want downtime to last long, so you can see your fleet on the road again, the involved vehicle should be restored to factory specifications and its pre-accident state. If the problem isn't that bad and all you need to fix is surface damage, just make sure to have all your needed tools handy, and your mechanic can surely get the task done quickly. AES Industries supplies all the tools that could help make your autobody repairs an easy feat.

AES Industries is committed to supplying a wide range of paint refinishing products and autobody repair tools and accessories. Since it was founded in 1967, AES has established an outstanding reputation for premium-quality products and excellent service. This brand is continuously looking for new ways to improve its products and services to satisfy its customers' needs. AES's product portfolio comprises a full line of air tools, auto body repair tools, automotive parts, detailing solutions, and shop essentials. Recently, it has beefed up its range of air tools with the addition of the Venturi tip blow guns featuring tip that boosts air volume up to four times more than standard blow guns.

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