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For 70 years, automakers have looked towards FIAMM as a trusted source for car horns. Based in the small town of Lonigo, Italy, FIAMM Horns & Access is the world's largest manufacturer of acoustic signaling devices for automotive use. An estimate of more than 80 percent of the world's motor vehicles are fitted with FIAMM components, including car horns, alarms, and loudspeakers. The company has a market presence in 60 countries, with around 70 percent of its production exported abroad. To meet such a high demand from customers, FIAMM operates five production facilities in Central Europe, Italy, North and South America, and Asia as well as sales and technical support branches in the U.S., France, Brazil, and China.

From motorbikes to heavy industrial vehicles, FIAMM offers a comprehensive lineup of quality horns and other acoustic devices designed to provide an additional safety measure to both vehicles and people. FIAMM horns are engineered to produce a clear and harmonious sound with sturdy composite steel and ABS housing.  Each product also undergoes various types of testing. These include anechoic chambers, climate systems, salt spray, thermal, and vibration tests that ensure proper performance even in harsh operating conditions and long service life.

Whether it's for repairs or an upgrade, you can never go wrong with a FIAMM horn. Here at FinditParts, you can select from a wide assortment of high-quality horns, alarms, and other audio signaling devices and components from FIAMM Horns & Access at competitive prices. Browse one of the biggest catalogs of OE and aftermarket parts for heavy and commercial vehicles online and save today.