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CASE A/C System Maintenance Kit

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kit | a/c system maintenance kit (more info...) kit | a/c system maintenance kit
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A/C System Maintenance Kit
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CASE is a manufacturer of pieces, parts, and hardware primarily for industrial vehicles. The company's full name is CASE Construction Equipment, a name that represents everything that the company has done, is doing, and will do. The company is best-known for its production of high-quality hydraulics and is an industry-leader in that category of production.

CASE was founded more than 17 decades (170 years) ago. Back then, just as it does now, the company spent most of its time producing industry-leading construction equipment and technology. However, the products produced in the early 1800s were far different from those being produced today. They included primitive pavers and concrete-pouring machines intended to "pave the world," a legacy that continues today.

CASE continues to be a leader in the transportation and construction industries. The former is done through support roles and the latter is down through just about everything you can imagine. CASE produces pieces, parts, and hardware for backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, and just about every construction vehicle in between. The company also produces such vehicles from top to bottom, building out not only the parts that make them work but also the machines themselves.

Whatever application you're looking to buy equipment for, whether it's something as small as moving pallets or something as massive as excavating a multi-acre field, CASE produces something that you might need. That includes pieces, parts, hardware, and entire machines designed to be both high-performing and long-lasting.