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Bearings are integral to the smooth operation of any vehicle, whether it's an economy sedan or a freight truck. When you need a new set of bearings, be sure to get Federal Mogul-BCA. Established in 1891, Federal Mogul is one of the oldest and biggest suppliers of bearings and other powertrain components, catering to diversified markets, including light to heavy vehicles and off-highway equipment. Under the Federal Mogul-BCA brand, the company offers both OEM and aftermarket bearings with engineered solutions for improved fuel economy, power output, and overall efficiency while addressing pollution requirements for gasoline, diesel, and electrified powertrains. Also, as part of the wider Federal-Mogul group, Federal Mogul-BCA has access to advanced manufacturing and R&D facilities and a wide-ranging distribution network with offices and sales representatives across the globe.

For commercial and heavy duty vehicle applications, Federal Mogul-BCA makes bearings that perform well even in the toughest of tasks and working environments. The bearings are made from high-grade steel and bronze and coated with a unique corrosion-resistant alloy finish that reduces friction and wear from dirt and oil contamination. For high-performance applications, Federal Mogul also has bearings coated with special polymeric coatings that provide higher wear resistance and seizure performance, particularly on surfaces with an extra smooth finish that's lubricated with thinner oils. All OE-compliant bearings are also built for compatibility and have near-zero fitment issues.

When it comes to quality and reliable performance, Federal Mogul-BCA bearings won't let you down. Check them out here at FinditParts, where we offer great deals on Federal Mogul bearings and other parts for heavy duty and commercial vehicles.