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Shock Absorber

Hendrickson Shock Absorber

Optimize the performance of your suspension system and lower your overall maintenance cost with this Hendrickson shock absorber. This product is designed by experts to stand up to Hendrickson’s high torque level requirements on the mounting bolt.

Features & Benefits

  • OEM shock absorber commonly used on Hendrickson Intraax® AANT-23K suspensions with varying ride heights
  • Durable inner metal bushings enhance the suspension’s overall performance
  • Unique seal design ensures superior sealing to keep contaminants out
  • Special bore diameters and specific stroke lengths for optimum ride quality
  • Contributes to better steering control and improved braking performance.

HENDRICKSON S-23651 Cross Reference

We have 6 alternatives for the S-23651 by HENDRICKSON:

Hendrickson® is a worldwide leader in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of air suspension systems, axle and brake systems, bumpers, stabilizers, tire pressure control systems, lift axle systems, and springs to the commercial vehicle industry. Originally founded as The Hendrickson Motor Truck Company by Magnus Hendrickson in 1913, this Chicago-based company has experienced immense growth over the years. Its operations are no longer limited to the US but in other parts of the world, including Canada, France, India, Australia, China, Austria, Romania, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. But, it remains committed to providing the commercial vehicle industry with innovative products that enhance productivity and profitability.


Review by Bektosh F on 08/11/2020


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