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FFC Series Replacement (Type C) Coalescer Elements for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Filtration

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FFC series filters are designed to protect critical engine components in CNG powered vehicles. Racor CLS replacement elements are specifically designed to remove oil, water, and solid contamination from compressed natural gas. The patented coalescing filter removes 99.97% of all aerosols in the 0.3 to 0.6 micron range.

These CNG coalescer elements are produced by a patented process of arranging micro-glass fibers into a tubular form. During operation, Dirty, wet CNG is forced through the coalescing media from the inside of a cartridge through a tubular wall to the outside, where large droplets fall to the bottom of the housing. Clean CNG gas exits the housing through the outlet port. Oil and water removed from the gas stream accumulates until drained, while dirt particles are trapped and retained on surfaces of the fibers.

Type C Media Grades to Order:

Grade 6

Grade 6 filter elements are used when “total removal of liquid aerosols and suspended fines” is required. Because of its overall performance characteristics, this grade is most often recommended below 500 PSIG.

Grade 10

Grade 10 filters are used as pre-filters for grade 6 to remove gross amounts of aerosols or tenacious aerosols which are difficult to drain. This grade is often used as a ‘coarse’ coalescer.


Series Type Cartridge CNG Fuel Filter
Brand Racor
Series FFC Series
Filtered Medium CNG
Application Onboard CNG powered vehicles
Diameter (inch) 0.8
Diameter (cm) 2

RACOR FILTERS CLS112-10 Cross Reference

0 RAICLS11210

Racor Filters® is a renowned name in the automotive and trucking industry. It specializes in the production of commercial filtration products such as fuel filters, oil filters, and engine-air filters. It started its operation in 1972 in Modesto, CA, and over a decade later, it was acquired by Parker Hannifin, a worldwide leader in motion and control technologies. Today, Racor Filters is known by many as Parker Racor, and it continues to develop more effective filtration media to keep up with customers' demands. All Racor filters are made to the highest quality standards to meet stringent new engine performance requirements and ensure longer service life.


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