MICO part description

  • Positive alignment of actuating components eliminates cup wear
  • Actuator components protected from environmental contaminates
  • Ideal for spring brakes
  • Available for industrial and mobile applications using hydraulic oil of brake fluid
  • Includes stroke indicator
  • Internal valving enhances bleeding process and extends normal service life of primary seal

These MICO Air/Hydraulic Actuators are a combination of a fluid actuator and an air chamber. They are designed to take advantage of available pressurized air sources to producte hydraulic pressure. The design feature allows them to be used in many brake applications in the construction. material handling, mining, forestry, and farming industries as well as many industrial applications.

When sizing an air/hydraulic actuator to a particular application, the hydraulic displacement and require system pressure must be determined. The required system fluid depends upon the type of wheel brake system on the vehicle. These air/hydraulic actuators have a greater displacement output than the wheel brake system input plus an adequate reserve. Consult the brake or axle manufacturer for the needed displacement.

The stem seal master cylindar eliminates cup cutting by allowing the cups to move freely in the master cylindar without passing over any ports.

Product Description

Air/Hydraulic Actuator

Since 1946, MICO® has been the go-to source for off-highway brake components and systems across North America. This brand specializes in the design and manufacture of hydraulic and electrohydraulic components, controls, and brake systems for various applications, including those in the agricultural, construction, forestry, materials handling, mining, and service vehicle industry. MICO components are built using the latest in computer-aided machinery to ensure high quality and precision. Product development and engineering teams work together using cutting-edge tools and equipment to develop new designs and working prototypes to meet or exceed customer demands. A 1-year limited warranty also covers all MICO products.

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