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Cole Hersee intermittent and continous solenoids provide safe, dependable control of electrical systems on all type of DC low voltage vehicles. In addition, they are ideal for marine applications and for forward and reverse systems in golf carts, garden tractors, fork lift trucks and winch operation.
Solenoids are relays which are commonly used to remotely switch a heavier current. By using a solenoid, the amount of heavy wiring needed to power the load is reduced, since the control circuit mounted inside the cab typically utilizes a smaller wire gauge.
Housing are available in plated steel, phenolic or plasticized steel. A latching solenoid can act as a remote disconnect switch.

All products listed in this section can be found in Section H of the Cole Hersee D-275 CATALOG.

  • 70A at 12V DC.
  • Carries a heavy loadThe device that uses the power supplied from an electrical source. It can be a motor, lamp, horn or other device.
  • and is suitable for intermittentSome switches are designed for infrequent (or intermittent) use. Devices such as solenoids may need a cooling period before they should be re-actuated. Rating a switch for intermittent use typically allows it to operate at a higher current than might otherwise be recommended. See continuous. You can use a Continuous Duty Solenoid in place of an Intermittent Duty Solenoid, but it would have a shorter life expectancy compared to the purpose-built Intermittent Duty Solenoid. DO NOT use an Intermittent Duty Solenoid in place of a Continuous Duty Solenoid! or continuous operation at 12V DC. Ideal for tarping or lift applications as well as for hoists, hatches, winches/windlasses, snowplows, intake/exhaust fans, vehicle outriggers and multiple forward-reverse applications.
  • Fully sealed to accommodate harsh environments. Dynamic braking stops the motor when the control switch is turned to Off. Low profile module (less than 2" high) saves space in cramped installations, and is easy to retrofit.
  • Alternate solutions:
  • 85A. Use two double-action solenoids 24401 for 12V, 24402 for 24V or 24400 for 36V.
  • 25A. Use a 55046 dpdtDouble Pole, Double Throw. Circuitry which describes a switch. Double Pole means that this switch controls two circuits. It's like having two switches in one switch body, except that the switching action is the same in both. Double Throw means that this switch has two On positions. It could be an On-On or an On-Off-On. It's likely to be an On-Off switch - but it controls two independent circuits. reverse polarity toggle switch.
  • 50A. Use a 75712-04 Rotary Reversing Switch
Description Forward-Reverse Module
Intermittent Rating 70A at 12V DC max On 5mins Off 3 mins
Control switch for intermittent On-Off-On (not supplied)
Continuous Rating 50A at 12V DC
Control switch for continuous Mom On-Off-Mom On (not supplied)
Terminals Tin-plated brass studs
Load current inrush 150A
Size 2.91 x 3.51 x 1.86"H (73.9x91.7x47.2mm)
Contacts High performance silver tin oxide
Coil resistance 82 Ohms plus/minus 10%
Temperature range -40C to 85C
Sealed to IP67
Ignition protected Yes

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Cole Hersee® is highly valued in the heavy duty truck industry. It is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty battery master switches that are widely used as OE equipment by leading heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers. These switches are essential safety components for trucks as they help prevent theft, tampering, electrical fires, and battery drain. Founded in 1924, Cole Hersee is committed to improving vehicle safety by partnering with ECCO Safety Group Australia (ESGA) to establish and implement safety standards for trucks that drive onto mining sites. Its products are also manufactured in its ISO 9001:2008-certified facility and undergo strict testing to ensure safety and reliability.

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