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Cole Hersee toggle switches are manufactured in many different configurations. They're available with ball, short or long handles, paddle and illuminated actuators. Housing are plastic, plastic/metal combination or die cast. Weather resistant options are available that make any standard toggle switch adaptable for use in applications where moisture, dirt and similar elements are present.
Toggle switch accessories include weather resistant boots, face plates, switch guards, and handle extensions.
All products listed in this section can be found in Section B of the Cole Hersee D-275 CATALOG.

  • Standard handle. universalIn the switches context, UNIVERSAL equates to multi-purpose, rather than some of our specialized switches which are generally used for one purpose. applicationIn Engineering, an application refers to a specific use for a device. For example, a Cole Hersee brand LVD finds an application in police cruisers (as well as many other uses)..
  • Silver contactsA pair of devices that touch or come apart at the point where the switch throw makes or breaks the circuit. Silver contacts are common because of their low conductivity and low electrical resistance. Many Cole Hersee switches have silver contacts..
  • Mounting stem is nickel-plated brass 15/32" -32 thread, 15/32" (11.9mm) long, and fits panels up to 9/32" (7.1mm).
  • Phenolic housing, with plated steel cap.
  • Nickel-plated brass mounting hardware.
  • 25A at 12V, 15A at 24V, and 10A at 36V DC.
  • Up: Mom On, Center: Off, Down: Mom On.
  • PVC coated housing with three 8" (203.2mm) leads.
  • O-ring seal in the stem.
Switch type Toggle
Description Heavy Duty Toggle Switch, weather resistant, plasticized housing
Circuitry SPDT-Momentary
Electrical Rating 25A at 12V DC
Contacts Silver
Housing PVC coated
Up position Momentary On
Center position Off
Down position Momentary On
Terminals 3/ 8"long, 16AWG leads
Handle material Nickel-plated brass
Handle type Standard
Handle size: inches 11/16" Long
Handle size: mm 17.46mm
Mounting hardware Nickel plated brass face and hex nut
Mounting stem material Nickel plated brass, O-ring seal in stem
Mounting stem dimmensions 15/32" -32 thread, 15/32" (11.90mm) Long
Mounting hole dimension 15/32" (11.90mm) Panel Hole
Panel thickness Up to 3/16" (4.76mm) thick

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Cole Hersee® is highly valued in the heavy duty truck industry. It is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty battery master switches that are widely used as OE equipment by leading heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers. These switches are essential safety components for trucks as they help prevent theft, tampering, electrical fires, and battery drain. Founded in 1924, Cole Hersee is committed to improving vehicle safety by partnering with ECCO Safety Group Australia (ESGA) to establish and implement safety standards for trucks that drive onto mining sites. Its products are also manufactured in its ISO 9001:2008-certified facility and undergo strict testing to ensure safety and reliability.

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