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About MICO

When it comes to hydraulic brakes, few brands have the same degree of expertise as MICO. For over a century, MICO has specialized in hydraulic and electrohydraulic brake systems for off-highway vehicles. It was formed in 1949 when the brake cylinder manufacturer Minnesota Automotive merged with Mankato Industrial Company, a military supplier of machined parts, to form the Minnesota Automotive, Inc. with MICO as the brand name. Since then, MICO has led the way in the development of pneumatic and hydraulic brake solutions for off-highway applications, offering products of exceptional quality and toughness that are ideal for use with the hardiest machines.

Today, MICO is part of the ZF WABCO group with its own integrated design, manufacturing, and sales operations for hydraulic and electrohydraulic components and custom solutions for off-highway operations. It maintains its ISO 14001-certified headquarters in North Mankato, Minnesota, with additional facilities in North America.

MICO Parts

MICO excels in the design and manufacture of brake systems and their individual components. Its engineering and product development teams utilize the latest in design tools to create new designs and working prototypes that address the needs and expectations of customers. Manufacturing operations are aided by advanced computer-aided machinery, quality materials, and a skilled and reliable workforce. At the same time, process development teams pursue continuous improvement to ensure the reliability of all MICO parts. MICO has also earned its reputation as a reliable supplier, thanks to a strong communications network of product application engineers, account managers, and customer service specialists that are ready to serve customers at any time.

Caliper Disc Brakes

MICO manufactures both fixed and floating disc brakes for primary, secondary, and emergency braking applications. These brakes can use either conventional brake fluid or mineral-based hydraulic oil.

515 Series. These brakes feature floating calipers that mount over the rotor disc using pins or shoulder bolts and with one side actuated to provide clamping force. Customers can choose from calipers with Belleville-type springs for parking/emergency brake applications, mechanical levers and cams for industrial use, or modular hydraulic systems for construction, mining, and forestry vehicles and equipment.

520 Series. These brakes have a hydraulic fixed-type configuration with both sides of the caliper fitted with a piston for maximum clamping force. In addition, this series has several unique features, including an advanced lining retractor mechanism for extending lining life, extra-large surface area linings, straight rail support for a complete lining-to-surface contact, and a lightweight and rustproof aluminum housing for selected models.

Multiple Disc Brakes

MICO’s multiple disc brakes are fully enclosed units that contain heavy duty springs and multiple friction discs that generate braking power. The brakes are applied using mechanical force via the springs and released using hydraulics. This allows the brakes to be self-applying in that any function that reduces brake release pressure will cause the brakes to clamp down. They are made suitable for applications with a parking brake function or braking of motors including scissor lifts, winches, swing drives, and other low speed vehicles and equipment.

MICO makes its multiple disc brakes with ductile iron housings with a nitrile case and shaft seals to prevent dirt, moisture, and debris from contaminating the brake’s internal components. Spline shafts are constructed of heat-treated 8620 steel and are available in a number of different configurations.

Modular. These brakes have low release pressures that make them ideal for closed-loop hydrostatic systems. They also feature a balanced piston design and a large diameter spline shaft that greatly reduces the risk of spline battering. Models are available for both wet and dry design applications.

Compact wheel mount. Meant for wet brake applications, MICO compact wheel-mounted modular disc brakes have a built-in hub that allows for direct mounting to the wheel hub. Coupled with a high radial loading capacity, these brakes are ideal for lifts and similar equipment.

Driveline. These brakes have been developed to retrofit drum and caliper driveline parking brakes. They have tapered wheel bearings for high radial and thrust loads and a lining wear indicator port for easier maintenance.

Brake Actuators

Engineered for demanding off-highway applications, MICO offers an extensive catalog of brake actuation devices including brake master, sleeve and wheel cylinders, air and hydraulic actuators, remote actuators, and brake locks.

Master cylinders. MICO’s master cylinders have a single-piston, straight-bore configuration with or without an internal reservoir. These cylinders accept both brake fluid and mineral-based hydraulic oil and can be mounted in a variety of styles. For applications that require larger volumes, MICO also offers two-stage master cylinders that combine the large volume capacity of large pistons and high pressure of smaller pistons.

Slave and wheel cylinders. MICO’s slave and wheel cylinders are small bore, short-stroke cylinders for remote clutch and brake actuation. Like their larger master cylinder counterparts, these cylinders use brake fluid and mineral-based hydraulic oil and are available in a variety of strokes, bores, and mounting configurations. They are ideal for applications that require holding, clamping, and latching.

Air/hydraulic actuators. These are designed to take advantage of available pressurized air sources to produce higher hydraulic pressures. They are ideal for towing self-propelled hydraulic brake vehicles when the towing vehicle is fitted with a compressor and storage tank.

Remote actuators. When used with two master cylinders, MICO remote actuators prevent fluid transfer from one system to another. Hand and pedal-operated actuators can also be used in place of a master cylinder or prime mover. A pedal or lever arrangement also allows for a more custom setup to meet the needs of specific applications.

Pressure intensifiers. These are actuators designed for applications where a small displacement of high-pressure hydraulic fluid is required and a low-pressure source is available. Selected drive axle models can be used with a variety of New Holland drive axles.

Brake Locks

Mico brake locks are designed to be used in conjunction with a mechanical parking brake and serve as a supplemental brake holding device for increased safety on the road. These locks come with a low pressure warning switch, which connects to a visual and audible alarm that alerts the driver in case the locked brake pressure drops at a significant level.


MICO offers a wide range of hydraulic brake valves, including accumulating charging valves, full power valves, and park brake valves. These valves are designed to deliver reliable efficient energy management for off-highway applications.

Accumulator valves. MICO accumulator charging valves provide more energy efficient charging cycles than the competition, resulting in reduced operating costs and improved performance overall. They also integrate easily into the hydraulic braking system and do not require a secondary fuel source, making them more maintenance-friendly.

Modulator valves. MICO modulating brake valves are designed to be robust and extremely reliable, especially in demanding off-highway conditions. Their advanced design minimizes leakage and low hysteresis risk, while their spring cavity is immersed in oil to protect return springs from outside contaminants. When combined with an appropriately sized accumulator and charging valve, emergency power-off braking is possible.

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