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Volvo Cab Suspension Leveling Valve

The Volvo Cab Suspension Leveling Valve ensures a smooth and stable ride, maintaining proper suspension height and balance for your truck's cab. Specifically engineered for Volvo trucks, this genuine Volvo part offers precision control over the suspension system, enhancing driver comfort and reducing fatigue on long hauls. With its advanced technology and durable construction, the Volvo 23270961 is essential for a safe and efficient ride.

Features & Benefits

  • Ensures a smooth and comfortable ride by automatically adjusting the cab's position relative to uneven road surfaces, reducing driver fatigue
  • Prolongs the lifespan of cab components and cargo by minimizing the impact of road vibrations and shocks through effective suspension adjustment
  • Enhances vehicle safety with superior stability and handling characteristics, even in challenging driving conditions
  • Increases fuel efficiency by maintaining optimal aerodynamics through proper cab alignment

With more than a million of their trucks on the road today, Volvo Trucks® is among the world’s trusted names in medium to heavy duty trucks. A division of the automaking giant Volvo Group, Volvo Trucks offers complete transport solutions for a wide range of industries, with manufacturing facilities across 13 countries and 2,300 service points across the globe. They also offer genuine replacement parts that are manufactured under the same uncompromising standards as their stock counterparts. Each genuine Volvo Truck component is also tested both in the laboratory and in the field. From freezing winters to the desert heat, customers can rest assured that their Volvo Truck parts will run reliably even under such conditions.

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