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Maximum Operating Temperature: 200 °F (93 °C)
Minimum Operating Temperature: -40 °F (-40 °C)
Exhaust Port: Dust Shield
Regulatory Compliance: FMVSS 121
Mounting Valve Body: 5/16-18 UNC-3B (3x)
Mounting Plate Included: No
Port Configuration: Axial / Perpendicular
Supply 11 Port 1: 3/8-18 NPT
Supply 11 Port 2: 3/8-18 NPT
Supply 12 Port 1: 3/8-18 NPT
Supply 12 Port 2: 3/8-18 NPT
Delivery 21 Port 1: 3/8-18 NPT
Delivery 21 Port 2: 3/8-18 NPT
Delivery 22 Port 1: 3/8-18 NPT
Delivery 22 Port 2: 3/8-18 NPT
Differential Pressure: 3.0 PSI
Graduation Spring Style: Rubber Spring
BVA-85 Included: No
Retarder Included: No
Pedal Included: No
Waterproof: No

Bendix Foot Brake Valve

The Bendix foot brake valve is a service new dual brake valve that is used to start the process of a brake application once you step on the brake pedal. It is made of tough, durable materials to ensure it withstands harsh operating conditions and lasts longer than the competition.

Features & Benefits

  • Specifically designed for use on buses, where smooth brake applications contribute to passenger comfort
  • Made using state-of-the-art technology for superior performance and reliability
  • Engineered to OE standards for exact form, fit, and function
  • Factory-tested to ensure it works just like the original unit that came with your vehicle
Product Type Foot Valve
Valve Type E-6

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A part of the Knorr-Bremse Group, Bendix® provides the automotive and truck parts industry with cutting-edge energy management solutions, active safety technologies, and air brake charging for tractors, buses, commercial vehicles, trailers, as well as medium- and heavy-duty trucks throughout North America. Headquartered in Elyria, Ohio, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems employs over 3,200 people who work hand in hand for the accomplishment of the brand's vision: "to become the leading worldwide supplier of active vehicle safety systems within the commercial vehicle industry." This brand takes pride in being the first to introduce many notable parts and technologies to the North American commercial vehicle market. Among these many firsts are the groundbreaking air brake system technologies such as air dryers, air compressors, and ABS. At Bendix, exceeding industry standards is a strict requirement. 


Review by Vaughn C on 12/10/2023

I haven't installed it yet. But it is a high quality product.

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