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Nissan is one of the largest automakers in the world with well over 100,000 employees and over $1 trillion in assets worldwide. Nissan is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specializing in the production of automobiles, trucks, other land-based vehicles, and also marine vehicles.

Nissan traces back its roots to the early 1930s, but some people draw the history back even further to 1914 when Nissan was first referred to as the DATSUN brand. The Nissan Motor Company officially came into existence in 1934 in Japan, despite the shareholders' hesitation regarding whether or not the automobile could ever become successful in Japan. Nearly 100 years later, Nissan has defied the odds and dominated the automobile manufacturing industry worldwide.

Nissan manufactures a wide list of vehicles to be used in a variety of applications. That includes luxury sedans, heavy-duty commercial trucks, speedboat motors, and more. Today, Nissan's product catalog covers a massive list of motor vehicles and a virtually endless list of replacement parts.

To help make finding the right Nissan parts as easy as possible, we, at FindItParts, have curated a list of over 15,000 Nissan products and organized them into 33 convenient categories covering just about everything from bearings to transmission parts for Nissan vehicles. Regardless of what you're looking for, odds are that Nissan makes it and that FindItParts can help you find it.

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