Tramec Sloan Air Brake Valves Review

Tramec Sloan Air Brake Valves Review

Used in buses, trucks, buses and semi-trailers, air brake systems are the preferred type of brakes for these large vehicles. Air allows multiple vehicle units, such as trucks and trailers, to be coupled. This allows all units to have braking capabilities controlled from the cab and that isn’t possible with liquid brakes such as hydraulic brakes. Air brake systems also allow for the incorporation of an emergency braking system, which combines with service brake and parking brake systems.

In order for any air brake system to work properly, it needs air brake valves, which allow for air (and liquid in some cases) to be transferred to all areas of the vehicle. Tramec Sloan air brake valves are made with high-quality materials and ergonomic designs to allow for high performance across a number of air brake configurations. Check out our review on Tramec Sloan air brake valves below to learn more, and shop Tramec Sloan parts here at

Finding the Right Air Brake Valves: Tips and Tricks

Have you ever wondered how the back of your truck can stop at virtually the same time as the front? Since back brakes are further away from the pedals, air brake valves are needed to pressurize air and speed it up so that it arrives at nearly the same time in the back as it does in the front. The process begins when the driver presses the pedal, which then sends a signal to the air brake. From there, this opens a valve and allows air to enter the brake chamber through a small inlet.

If you are looking to outfit your truck with new air brake valves, there are a few factors you should consider so you find the right product for your needs. First, you’ll want to choose valves made from high-quality materials such as brass and steel to facilitate the passage of air and other substances while ensuring lasting durability.

You’ll also want to figure out which types or air brake valves you’ll need. One-way check valves allow air to pass through them in one direction, while two-way check valves allow air to pass in two directions. Governor valves control pressure in the supply system by automatically maintaining the level of air between adjustable opening and closing settings. Shift valves allow for the correct pressurization of air in different transmission settings. Once you have determined which type of air brake valve you will need for your vehicle, check to make sure you’re choosing the right size to fit your system.

Tramec Sloan Air Brake Valves: Quality for Every Step of the System

Whether you drive a commercial 18-wheeler or a small passenger car, Tramec Sloan has air brake valve solutions for you. Trusted by industry professionals, Tramec Sloan not only offers a wide range of air brake valve sizes — the company also offers valves of all types to suit different systems. Here are some of the most popular air brake products offered by Tramec Sloan:

  • Check Valves. Available in both brass and steel, Tramec Sloan check valves pressurize air and allow it to pass from one section of a brake system to the next.
  • Governor Valves. Tramec Sloan governor valves control pressure in the supply system by automatically maintaining the level of air between adjustable opening and closing settings.
  • Pressure Protection Valves. Tramec Sloan pressure protection valves protect the transfer of pressure from one brake region to the next to ensure quality pressurization from pedal to wheel.
  • Quick-Release Valves. Tramec Sloan quick-release valves use modern quick-release technology to efficiently attach to and detach from brake systems.
  • Shift Valves. Designed for transmissions of all kinds, Tramec Sloan shift valves facilitate correct air pressurization in different transmission settings.
  • TEV and STEV Spring Brake Valves. Tramec Sloan TEV and STEV spring brake valves provide spring brake priority so drivers can directly control trailer spring brakes.

Committed to quality, Tramec Sloan manufactures 75% of its products in the United States and sources materials from the United States whenever possible. In addition to air brake valves and coiled air accessories, Tramec Sloan also designs and manufactures fittings and fasteners as well as electrical products.

Tramec Sloan Air Brake Valves: Reviews from Our Team

Air brake valves aren’t terribly complicated, but they have important jobs, and they do those jobs several times each day. An air brake valve that doesn’t work means brakes that don’t work — a serious safety issue for any driver on the road. Designed and manufactured domestically in the United States, Tramec Sloan air brake valves deliver precise pressurization performance that lasts.

Tramec Sloan air brake valves are used in thousands of vehicles worldwide, from passenger cars and trucks to commercial buses and freightliners. Not only are Tramec Sloan products meticulously engineered — they’re also made from high-quality materials, most of which are sourced in the United States. These materials help optimize durability and performance for Tramec Sloan air brake valves, delivering reliable solutions to drivers.

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