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How do you pass the time when you're waiting to be unloaded?

How do you pass the time when you're waiting to be unloaded?

It happens to everyone - you show up to make your delivery, and there's a wait to get you unloaded. While it is surely frustrating for everyone who encounters this scenario, each driver handles that time differently. Here are some of the ways professional drivers pass the time while they're waiting to be unloaded:

Reddit. YouTube. Clean inside of truck. Freak out and check Truckerpath assuming everything will be full by the time I'm loaded.

Usually I'm winding up straps, putting away chains, generally keeping an eye on the forklift because they'll let anyone with a pulse drive the damn things.

Nap, or try to. This time I gave up, and am surfing reddit.

Sleep, make sure dispatch has next load ready... I assure you, you can't get enough sleep.. take it while you can.

Hound the dispatcher for my next load if not scheduled.......

If i know I'm waiting over 2 hours, I hit the sleeper for a nap. If 30-60mins, then just walk around, surf fb reddit, youtube.

Typically I'll do paperwork if it needs done, then review and mentally track a trip plan in my head about half a dozen times, while simultaneously checking trucker path and the Maps app to see where I'll be laying my head for the night. Once I get all that squared away, I'll grab a light snack or two and relax in the bunk, either by playing video games, surfing the web, or watching Netflix. If I've reached the point of watching Netflix, it's because I've decided to get some zzz's.


Gaming laptop. PS4. Nintendo Switch. Walk the dog. Reddit.

What's your favorite way to pass the time while waiting to be unloaded?