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Dorman Heavy Duty Truck Exhaust Manifolds and Parts (Review)

Dorman Heavy Duty Truck Exhaust Manifolds and Parts (Review)

For most of us, a properly running vehicle is a big expense but a necessary one. For those who drive professionally, however, keeping their vehicles in top performance is absolutely crucial.

Big-rig drivers and others who drive for a living depend on their vehicles to perform flawlessly and reliably. Breakdowns can require big money outlays for towing and repairs. The expenses can pile up while you wait for your rig to be fixed even as you lose income when you’re not on the road for hours, days or even weeks.

Adding to the financial fiasco of a serious breakdown, OEM parts can be very expensive. That’s why in addition to OEM parts, FinditParts carries a big inventory of aftermarket parts that can save you money and hassles. One of many standouts in this category are Dorman products.

Based in Pennsylvania, with facilities around the country and the world, Dorman has been making automotive and truck parts for more than a century. It is dedicated to producing aftermarket truck and car parts that meet and exceed manufacturers’ specifications. In addition to producing aftermarket parts designed to perfectly match the original equipment on your rig, Dorman makes parts intended to fix common problems inherent in original equipment.

Thousands of truck parts are available from this company. Dorman makes products for vehicles’ internal components to keep them running reliably and performing the way they were designed to. A wide variety of external parts is also available from this company to enhance safety on the road while giving your rig the professional look it deserves.

High heat and high pressure mean that exhaust manifolds can take a beating, especially when subjected to the rigors of heavy-duty commercial and industrial use. It’s not unusual for exhaust manifolds to crack under these conditions.

Manifolds are crucial parts in exhaust systems, ensuring that toxic exhaust is safely vented out of your vehicle. In addition, the manifold helps ensure your engine gets the right backpressure. A cracked manifold can lead to decreased performance. Left untreated, it can damage your engine in the long run.

There are several warning signs that you may have a cracked exhaust manifold. If you smell exhaust inside your rig or in the engine compartment, you need to check your manifold. You may also hear unusual noises if your manifold is cracked, so you should investigate any weird sounds as soon as possible. As noted, a cracked exhaust manifold will impede your engine’s performance, so if your rig isn’t running right, a faulty exhaust manifold could be the culprit. Check it out yourself or have a qualified mechanic take a look.

To ascertain if your manifold is cracked, start by visually inspecting it. Look all around it. Large cracks will be an obvious giveaway that you need to replace your manifold.

Smaller hairline cracks can be hard to see, however. A professional may need to inspect the manifold to find them. In some cases, the manifold may even have to be removed for a complete inspection.

Dorman makes a big variety of heavy-duty truck exhaust manifolds as well as exhaust manifolds for cars and light trucks. That means you can find the right exhaust manifold to fit any rig.

Dorman kits include everything you need to replace your exhaust manifold, including gaskets and hardware as well as manifolds that meet or exceed OEM specs. Many of these products are available with free ground shipping when you shop online at FinditParts.

If you’re searching for hard-to-find, affordable but high-quality parts for other parts of your truck, Dorman has you covered. This company makes a huge assortment of replacement products to keep your rig running right, like air-filter boxes, fuel tanks and power-steering pulleys.

If you’re looking to enhance your safety on the road, whether putting the hammer down along the interstate at highway speeds or carefully negotiating narrow city streets, Dorman makes a wide variety of mirrors that will help you see who’s behind you, next to you and creeping into your blind spots.

Dorman mirrors are available in a variety of sizes and styles to ensure your safety and that of those around you. They are easy to install and built to withstand tough conditions. A small investment in one of these could save big expenses by helping you avoid accidents, damage and downtime.

You’ll also find plenty of exterior Dorman parts for trucks and cars. These include Dorman door handles that look great and will provide easy access to your rig.

Besides making products that help you drive your rig more professionally, efficiently and safely, Dorman offers items designed to enhance your comfort during those long hours on the road. These include cup holders and cup-holder inserts that will help you carry that hot coffee or cold beverage safely and securely no matter how rough the road or trying the conditions. You’ll stay alert, refreshed and hydrated no matter how long the ride or adverse the conditions.

Check the Dorman reviews online and decide which brand you want to go with. Here at FinditParts, we carry thousands of Dorman replacement parts for trucks, cars and other vehicles. You will also find many other brands here among the more than 9 million parts we stock.

We realize our massive inventory can be overwhelming. That’s why our experts are available to help you find what you need, whether it’s a Dorman part or a replacement part from another manufacturer. We are just a toll-free phone call or email away. Contact us for quick, helpful advice.