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ContiTech Air Springs, Timing Belts and Coolant Hoses (Review)

ContiTech Air Springs, Timing Belts and Coolant Hoses (Review)

When the rubber meets the road, you want dependability. Your safety and the safety of all those around you rely on quality parts that will perform under even the most demanding conditions.

Like all materials, rubber is subject to wear and tear. But if produced with quality materials and careful manufacturing techniques, it will deliver outstanding performance.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of rubber and plastics, ContiTech has attracted a huge customer base. Consumers have voted with their pocketbooks and with their feet to make this company a premier supplier of items like hoses, belts and air springs. The company makes everything from aftermarket maintenance and replacement parts for passenger automobiles and heavy-duty trucks to hoses for industrial oil and gas operations.

Whether you drive for a living or for pleasure, it makes sense to care for your vehicle. Adhering to maintenance schedules and using the best parts available will help ensure top performance and long life. Read on to learn more about the wide array of ContiTech air springs, timing belts and coolant hoses on the market.

For nearly a century, air springs have been used in heavy-duty vehicle suspensions. They provide an economical and practical way to cushion freight or passengers from potholes, bumps and the many other road hazards that would make for a bumpy ride without them. The heavier your load, the more you need a good set of springs.

Using compressed air from trucks’ brake systems, this kind of spring provides drivers more benefits than other types of suspensions based on leaf springs or coil springs. The air pressure can be adjusted for each air spring, making it possible to adapt to changing conditions and providing additional comfort and smoothness. Adjustment also makes it easy to change the height of the trailer to adjust to loading docks of different heights.

ContiTech makes a wide variety of air springs. Many of these are available with free ground shipping from FinditParts. In addition, ContiTech air spring accessories are available to ensure correct installation and repairs.

Rubber timing belts offer the advantage of light weight to modern drivers. But these types of timing belts also have an important disadvantage. If not replaced over time, they can wear out and break. At best, this can cause a sudden breakdown on the road. This can add up to big costs in terms of down time, towing fees and parts and labor costs for repairs.

At worst, a broken timing belt can result in serious damage to an engine. This will result in even bigger costs for rebuilding or replacing the engine.

If your rig has a rubber timing belt, it’s wise to adhere closely to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for timing-belt replacements. Although replacing a timing belt for maintenance requires a significant outlay of cash, delaying a replacement risks timing belt failure and will cost you far more down the road. If you are technically handy and can do the work yourself, you can save on labor costs.

ContiTech timing belts come with everything you need for proper maintenance and replacement of your timing belt. These items also are available with free ground shipping when you shop online here.

In addition to timing belts, ContiTech manufactures a complete line of automotive V-belts and drive belts. These are critical components for running charging, A/C and other vehicle systems. Just like timing belts, these rubber belts wear over time. Again, it makes sense to change these belts in strict accordance with your vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. A little extra care in advance can save you major headaches in the long run.

Rubber hoses play a crucial role in circulating coolant through your engine, ensuring that it will perform flawlessly even under the heaviest loads, on the steepest grades and on the hottest days. Like belts, rubber hoses are subject to degradation over the years as they keep your vehicle running through all kinds of conditions and challenges.

A leaking or breaking rubber hose can be just as devastating as a broken timing belt. In fact, according to many mechanics, overheating your engine is the worst thing you can do to your motor. If you see the needle on your temperature gauge zooming into the red zone, pull over as soon as it is safe and shut your motor down. Turning on the heater at full blast while driving can also help remove some excess heat from your motor. Doing this may help save you from needing a complete engine replacement.

Of course, you can avoid all this by regularly replacing your rubber radiator hoses, heating hoses and other coolant hoses according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. At the least, doing so will save you some downtime when you notice your engine overheating.

ContiTech’s belts have drawn good reviews on websites like and Cadillac V-Net. This may not be surprising, given the company’s many years of experience. As a division of Continental Corp., a global leader in tires and rubber products, it traces its history back to 1871.

Of course, many other top-notch brands of belts, hoses and air springs are available. If you’re wondering which is best for your rig and for your wallet, call us toll-free or email us. Our experts can help you make the right choice. Thanks to our buying power, we can offer you any brand at a very competitive price. Many of our products also are available with two-day shipping, so we can get them to you fast.