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About the GiraffeG4 Invented and developed by a truck driver with over 10 years experience on the road and around New York City, the Giraffe G4 is a system that addresses the overhead hazard problems that face a trucker everyday. Hazards such as unmarked and mismarked bridges, railroad trestles, roads where asphalt has been added and the signs havenʼt been adjusted, low hanging tree limbs and building awnings that arenʼt marked at all. Using the latest in waterproof sound technology the GiraffeG4 gives the driver a chance to measure the hazard heʼs about to pass under. If itʼs too low for the trailers height, the driver can back out and choose another route, avoiding the damage to the trailer and the object the trailer is about to hit. Even small damage to the integrity of a trailer or refrigerated trailer can cost thousands of dollars to fix, to say nothing about the traffic violations that pile up when a trailer is stuck and holding up traffic. The driver controls the unit, with a programmable read-out in the cab. If the driver is swapping boxes throughout the day, say from a 12”6” to a 13ʼ6”, the driver adjusts the height of the new trailer during his pre trip routine, and off he goes. The bottom line is that the GiraffeG4 is an inexpensive, sturdy, insurance policy that will save trucking companies and independent operators money.