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For over 30 years, Equalizer Industries, or better known as Equalizer, has been inventing, developing, and introducing glass removal and replacement products for the auto glass industry. But to be successful in this field, the company relies not only on its key ideas but also on other people's work. It actively searches for people with new inventions, helps them perfect their ideas, and turns those ideas into fantastic auto glass removal products. 

Equalizer calls this the Equalizer Inventor Program, and this has been in place for over 20 years. It works by assisting the inventor in developing and testing his idea. When the idea is considered a sellable product, Equalizer will offer to produce it, pay a licensing fee for the rights to produce it, and sell it through its authorized distributor network. Through the Equalizer Inventor Program, the company has successfully launched and sold more than 250 products from new inventors worldwide. 

Headquartered in Round Rock, TX, Equalizer has over 1200 auto glass removal, replacement, and repair products in its comprehensive product line-up. For the auto glass removal, it provides cord and wiring systems, cord and wiring tools, cold knives, long knives, and reciprocating and oscillating kits, blades, and accessories. And for glass installation, it offers urethane accessories, caulking guns, mouldings and clips, vacuum cups, and setting devices. If it's for repair, Equalizer has windshield, defroster, and tool repair kits and accessories. 

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