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Jost International, commonly called simply Jost, is a manufacturer of a variety of different parts. Jost is most well-known for its production of heavy-duty fifth wheel coupling devices, which it has been manufacturing since 1956. Jost now services just about every country on Earth, producing high-quality parts for heavy-duty truckers wherever you may go.

Since 1956, Jost has manufactured and distributed more than 3 million fifth wheels to international buyers. Today, there are several hundred thousand of them in active use around North America alone. These products have been so successful that they are now an option for stock vehicles purchased from almost every major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the world. And that's only one of the products that Jost manufactures.

Jost also produces a range of other products, most of which can be categorized under towing and cargo control or trailer pieces, parts, hardware, and accessories. Among the other products that Jost manufactures are turntables, kingpins, steering solutions, hydraulic cylinders, and powder coating.

The landing gear that Jost produces for trailers is based on a modern take and innovative redesign of older, similar products. This landing gear is designed to be functional whether you're working on a sunny Summer's morning or an unrelenting hurricane in the middle of the night. That is to say that these landing gears, and most of the other products that Jost builds, are designed with premium all-weather lubricant in order to minimize the amount of contaminants that can eat away at your hardware.