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About JOST

JOST International, or simply JOST, is an international supplier and world market leader for the commercial trucking industry. It is widely recognized for its fifth wheel couplings and landing gear with internal gears. A core brand of JOST-World, a leading global producer and supplier of safety-critical components and systems for commercial vehicles, Jost International is committed to developing sensor-controlled solutions to make fleet operations easier, safer, and more efficient.

JOST International’s humble beginnings can be traced back to 1952 when JOST-World first started as a factory for ball-bearing turntables in Neu-Isenburg, Germany. Over the years, JOST has expanded its operations in different parts of the world, including South Africa, Italy, Great Britain, France, and Belgium. This has paved the way for the company to be a global market leader in the production of modules, systems, and components for commercial vehicles.

During the early 1980s, JOST International Corp. was incorporated after submitting the patent application for the very first steel cast fifth wheel coupling in Grand Haven, Michigan. Since then, it has grown to become a world market leader in the production of fifth wheels and landing gears and a renowned supplier of turntables and kingpins for the commercial trucking industry.

Today, JOST International’s dedicated and hardworking team remains steadfast in its goal to design and develop the most efficient and safest truck and trailer products. Although the company has achieved great success over the years, the people behind it continually work to innovate and improve its product lines to cater to the changing needs of commercial trucking fleets.

Jost Parts

JOST International offers a comprehensive range of truck and trailer solutions at competitive prices. Its product lines include fifth wheels, landing gears, turntables, and kingpins. All these JOST parts are designed and developed in the company’s ISO-certified facilities in Michigan and Tennessee.

Fifth Wheels

JOST is a pioneer for fifth wheel coupling devices explicitly designed for truck and trailer applications. These products are standard options at OEM and aftermarket since they feature a unique yet safe and simple locking mechanism with only four moving parts.

  • JSK37U Series - Made with a cast ductile iron topplate, the JSK37U series consists of anti-high coupling lugs, steel wear or cushion ring, a double lock, and infinite adjustment. It requires only 60 lbs of pull force to open, and it features the original locking mechanism that all other JOST wheels are based on.
  • JSK36N Series - Designed as a stamped steel fifth wheel, the JSK36N series is a lightweight and economical OEM entry-level wheel that makes a perfect choice for those with a short trade cycle.
  • JSK37Y Series - Engineered for terminal tractor applications, the JSK37Y series offers a longer service life as it’s made with replaceable wear areas.
  • JSK37H & JSK37F Series - These two fifth wheel series are offered to replace older competitive designs. They share the same features as the JSK37U series.

Landing Gears

JOST International is a trusted name in the design and development of trailer landing gear and landing gear parts. It has been supplying these products to OEM, Fleet, and Aftermarket partners worldwide for over 20 years. What makes JOST landing gear unique is that it features the brand’s signature internal gearbox. This specific gearbox significantly reduces moisture intrusion and protects gearing from damage.

The JOST landing gear line is consists of six major products: the Standard A400, Magnum 5 Year A440, Magnum 10 Year A450, Heavy Duty 10 Year H450, Ultralight UL500, and Alumilight AX100. These JOST parts vary in static load capacity, lifting capacity, side load capacity, and grease pkg. Rating, but they all meet TTMA and AAR specifications. Other features and benefits include:

  • All JOST landing gears do not have an external gearbox
  • Highly reliable austempered ductile iron gears
  • Offer spline shifting and double “D” crank
  • Gears are well-protected and have no shaft misalignment
  • Do not easily wear out
  • Provide easy shifting
  • Designed to transfer crank torque directly into the shaft


JOST takes pride in its wide selection of ball bearing turntables designed to cover the complete spectrum of trailer technology. These sturdy and reliable products are manufactured following strict quality control standards for maximum performance and efficiency.

  • Single Row Ball Bearing Turntables - Designed for use on trailers and agricultural vehicles, the JOST single row ball bearing turntable connects the A-frame to the trailer chassis. It does this by allowing the axle to turn relative to the trailer frame, transferring both the radial and axial forces. This specific type of turntable is composed of the lower (outer) ring that's bolted to the A-frame and the upper (inner) ring that's connected to the trailer chassis.
  • Double Row Ball Bearing Turntables - These turntables are used when the vehicle requires both strength and precision in material and design. They also guarantee the optimal distribution of radial and axial forces.


Designed for the most challenging roads, JOST kingpins are steel forged for maximum strength and deliver the optimal balance between impact and wear resistance. They may be used as OEM or aftermarket replacements and are designed to meet or exceed international standards for OEMs and fleet use. Here are the five options available for this product line:

  • AAR Cruciform Style Kingpin - Properly installed JOST cruciform style kingpins will meet or exceed American Associate of Railroads (AAR) standard M-931, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and Truck and Trailer Manufacturers Association (TTMA) performance requirements.
  • SAE Mushroom Style Kingpin - This kingpin will meet SAE and TTMA performance standards when properly installed.
  • SAE Spool Style Kingpin - Just like the mushroom style kingpin, the JOST spool style kingpin will also meet or exceed SAE and TTMA performance requirements if they are properly installed.
  • AAR Square Spool Style Kingpin - Properly installed JOST square spool-style kingpins will also meet or exceed SAE and TTMA standards.
  • Bolt-In Style Kingpin - When properly installed, this kingpin will meet SAE, TTMA, and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) performance standards.

Featured Products (view all)

JOST C10217 trailer landing gear top cover - for 2-speed landing gear side leg JOST SK3106-003 fifth wheel plate replacement kit - composite, low lube, includes 2 plates and 12 bolts JOST SK3105-92 cushion ring insert JOST C11188 10x10 removable JOST SK73105-15 handle JOST SK75014-07 kit JOST SK75013-00 major rebuild kit — complete top plate models jsk37ual, jsk37usl (33 lb) JOST B10285 shifter assembly - for landing gear JOST SK79002-00 cushion ring assembly JOST JSK37HSL replacement top plate JOST C10591.2 sidefold crank handle - 8.25" length JOST JSK37UWL oem top plate - low lube JOST C10035 sand shoe JOST SK75014-06 kit-bracket JOST SK75013-02 release handle rh JOST C10259 single speed cover JOST SK73221-50Z minor rebuild kit — cushion & lock jaw JOST SK75015-03 sliding fifth wheel air cylinder JOST A400-G3-19LH a400 series landing gear JOST SK75014-02 37h brkt / pin JOST A400-G3-19RH landing gear jo JOST JSK37YSA-H top plate JOST C10592.5 landing gear crank handle, 14.75" JOST 12497 10"x10" bolt on cushion foot replacement kit JOST C10108 brace lug - "w" (standard) JOST SK75013-20 kit relea JOST L300L.T.17 landing leg, non gear,17"tvl,std shoe JOST SK75015-01 sliding 5th JOST JSK37HJST h hollan JOST HT421-G3-17-157LH landing gear jo JOST SK77041 rear stop JOST SK3105-20 spring JOST A400R.G.17 l/g gear side 17"tvl outside mt cush ft JOST C10592.2 standard crank handle - 8.25" length JOST SK79020-04 air release JOST SK3105-151 adj screw w/nut JOST C10592.3 standard fold JOST B10363.55.87 cross shaft - inside mount, 55.87" long JOST C10591.3SER crank han JOST SK847 spring JOST SK77292-00 flanged bearing JOST SK3105-95 collar JOST SK 75013-16 major rebuild kit — complete top plate models jsk37uaa, jsk37usa (33 lb) JOST C10155 gear, bevel JOST NA9P non-tilt bracket assy, outb *d JOST SK75016-04 lh handle JOST SK75015-05 air release top plate standard air cylinder JOST A400R-T1-17 landing gear side leg 17” travel low profile JOST A400L.G.17 l/g non gear 17"tvl outside mt cush ft JOST SK72953-01 jaw kit JOST A401LG31708 landing leg 17" travel inside mount 10 x 10 square pad, lo-pro cushion-foot shoe JOST L300R.T.17 landing leg,gear side,17"tvl,std shoe JOST KZ-AAR-X2-2.4 kingpin - 1/4" bolster plate JOST C10591.3 crank handle - horizon 10.5" JOST SK2905127 lever arm-for top plate 36n *d JOST A401R-T-19 landing gear side leg 19” travel standard JOST A401L-T-19 landing non-gear side leg 19” travel standard JOST A400L-T1-17 landing non-gear side leg 17” travel low profile JOST JSK37UAL plate top fifth wheel *d JOST A400R-T-17 landing gear side leg 17” travel standard JOST JSK37USL oem top plates - standard JOST A401R.G3.19 landing leg,gear side,19"tvl,cushion ft JOST SK2905-125 36n release JOST SK7900954 release handle JOST A401R.G.17 gear leg inside mnt cushion foot JOST SK75016-13 cushion JOST C10612 sand shoe sand shoe JOST SK75014-03 37u series JOST C10592.4 crank handle - standard, 17.75" length JOST A441R.G4.19.CWX mag inside moun JOST SK3105-140 lh lever JOST SK2905-94 bushing JOST A440G819 gear-landing, outboard *d JOST JSK37USA oem top plate - air release JOST A440-T3-19RH landing gear jo landing gear jo JOST JSK37FSL replacement top plate JOST SK73121-55 ring bolt JOST A401L-T-17 landing non-gear side leg 17” travel standard JOST C10717P42 10" x 10" weld on cushion foot replacement kit JOST AD500-E-25 drop leg drop leg JOST JSK37USLN-A9PX24 fifth wheel, outboard mount JOST A400R.G3.17 landing gear,gear side,17"trl.cushion ft JOST A401R-G3-17 landing gear side leg 17” cushion JOST SK3205-06 locking bar JOST SK79002-01 cush ring JOST A400L.G3.17 o/b cush ft non gear JOST A400R-T-19 landing gear side leg 19” travel standard JOST A401L.G.17 landing leg non gear 17" travel, inside mount, cushion foot JOST C10177 gear, pinion JOST B10036 shoe axle *d JOST A400L-T-17 landing non-gear side leg 17” travel standard JOST SK3105-93 ring insr JOST SK75013-40 kit-cushion JOST SK 75013-09 models jsk37uab, jsk37usb (35 lb) JOST A441L.G4.19.CWX mag inside moun JOST SK 75013-24 minor rebuild kit — throat & lock jaw JOST JSK37USLNDB9X non tilting 5th wheel *d JOST A401-T-17RH landing gear jo JOST A401L.G3.19 landing leg, slave, 19" travel, inside mount JOST SK7900945 release handle JOST A440L.G3.17 magnum landing leg,non gear,17"tvl,cush. JOST A451-G3-17-38RH landing gear jo landing gear jo JOST SK75013-41 kit-major rebuild, rh compl *d JOST SK7322152 kit-fifth wheel JOST SK75052-24 angle mount, outboard,24" s *d JOST SK72106-67 pivot for JOST SK75013-12 kit retractable JOST A441R.G3.17 magnum landing leg(gear)lo pro cush ft JOST A440-G3-17RH landing gear jo landing gear jo JOST AX150-G3-17RH landing gear jo landing gear jo JOST A450.T2.19 outside mount JOST KZT4 king pin JOST SK76000-00 lock tester JOST JSK37FJST top plate- fontaine JOST A440R.G3.19.38 a440 magnum series landing gear (representative image) JOST SK3108-02 kit-lube tubing JOST SK7501303 lock jaw kit rh lock jaw kit jsk37ua/jsk37us JOST SK75014-01 37u brkt / pin JOST A500R.T.19 a500r.t.19 - JOST SK75013-20B kit JOST A440L.G3.19.38 landing leg - magnum series, non-gear side, 17" travel, 10" x 10" low profile cushion foot JOST DK90/16.36.01 bpw turntable JOST SK75016-15 air release 2 sensor kit *d JOST A400L.T.18.17 landing leg,slave,10x10,low/pro/solid ax JOST L301-G3-17LH landing gear jo landing gear jo JOST A451-G3-17-38LH landing gear jo landing gear jo JOST SK79011-03 pin JOST B10066.68.4 cross shaft, outside mount, 68.4" length JOST TNS30-D-67-14AK anti-nose dive anti-nose dive JOST A8P slide bracket JOST SK77293-00 compression JOST C10717KIT kit repair JOST DB7X mtg brkt JOST SK 73221-52Z major rebuild kit — complete top plate model jsk37hsl (33 lb) JOST A400R.T.18.17 landing leg,gear,10x10,low/pro/solid ax JOST C10233 input gear shaft JOST A441-G3-17-36LH landing gear jo JOST A440-G-19RH landing gear jo landing gear jo JOST A400-T18-17RH landing gear jo JOST UL550G317225 - JOST A400L.T2.19 landing leg,slave side,10"x12"x4.5 shoe JOST 400A51001 hitch type 400g150 JOST U10P stand-fifth wheel JOST A451R.G3.17.38 landing gear-magnum 2 speed *d JOST B10261 crank hanger JOST A401R-T-17 landing gear side leg 17” travel standard JOST A400L.G.19 leg slave 19"travel cushion foot JOST A400R-T1-19 landing gear side leg 19” travel low profile JOST A400L.G3.19 leg assy o/s mount lh 19" travel JOST A400L-T-19 landing non-gear side leg 19” travel standard Browse more...

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