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Commercial vehicles and heavy duty trucks weigh as much as 80,000 pounds when fully loaded. When it's time for these larger vehicles to come to a full stop, it takes them at least 200 to 450 feet, unlike smaller vehicles that only take about 135 feet to come to a halt. And when there are wear and tear on the brakes, these add to the time it takes to stop a larger vehicle. That is why brake maintenance is crucial for fleet managers, commercial truck operators, and heavy duty truck owners. If replacement brake and throttle components are necessary, then trust only Brake Systems Inc. 

Brake Systems Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of Blue Ox Exhaust Brakes. Blue Ox is a registered trademark for exhaust brakes manufactured in PDX since the 1950s. BSI fully acquired this product line 50 years after, and it has produced new models to add to this comprehensive lineup since then. These exhaust brakes are designed to reduce the load on foundation brakes, increasing safety while on the road. Plus, they offer faster engine warm-up and improved operation during cold weather. 

But aside from exhaust brakes, BSI also specializes in brake and throttle components, remote throttle controls, air cylinders, air valves, shifters, engine idle kits, and hydraulic/electronic remote sensor assemblies. All these BSI products are designed and manufactured in Portland by veterans in the brakes manufacturing business. If you need to purchase any of these Brake Systems Inc. parts, we, at FinditParts, got you covered. We offer fast, reliable shipping and competitive prices on all BSI parts.