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NEWSTAR Air Brake ABS Solenoid Valve

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S-25216 S-25216
air brake abs solenoid valve | air brake abs solenoid valve (more info...) air brake abs solenoid valve | air brake abs solenoid valve
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Air Brake ABS Solenoid Valve
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About NewStar

NewStar, a proprietary brand of S&S Trucks, is one of the largest global distributors of new aftermarket truck parts. The company provides the industry with a continuously expanding line of the fastest-selling products for heavy and medium-duty trucks through this brand. S&S Trucks caters to a wide range of customers, including truck dealerships, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and independent warehouse distributors.

This NewStar brand takes pride in its excellent quality control, remarkable order fill rates, and strategically located warehouses and distribution centers across the US and Canada. It also guarantees outstanding customer service, with its dedicated Territory Sales Manager (TSM) leading a team of well-trained, in-house Customer Support Representatives (CSRs).

The brand's roots can be traced back to 1952, when lifelong friends—Bernie Sacks and Stan Saletko—founded the S&S Truck and Tractor Parts, Incorporated. Backed by their years of experience in the surplus military truck parts business, Sacks and Saletko reverse-engineered the transmission and differential truck gears in various European factories. The two partners were also the first to start North America's aftermarket for new heavy-duty drivetrain truck components. Over the years, S&S Trucks' product offering continues to expand to meet the needs of the ever-growing aftermarket truck parts industry.

NewStar Parts

The quality of every S&S product, including NewStar parts, is the company's most crucial ingredient to success. Its Quality Control Laboratory (QCL) in Schaumburg, Illinois, contains advanced technology and the latest equipment to ensure that NewStar airbrake, chassis, gearing, and power steering parts meet or even exceed the industry's highest quality standards. The company's team of skilled engineers and technicians develops and rigorously tests all NewStar parts to ensure that they meet the industry's benchmarks for material specifications, dimensions, longevity, and functionality. Included in NewStar's product offerings are:

Air system components

Assembled and tested using the most advanced quality inspection equipment, Newstar's air system devices are guaranteed to work at optimal capacity. From the brand's ABS accessories to its air brake valves and compressors, Newstar provides solutions that maintain the air system's highest efficiency. It also manufactures air dryers and dryer cartridges for clean and dry air lines that will help keep trucks on the road and out of the repair shop. With many years of proven coupled rigorous testing, patented designs, and a great product support system, customers can count on NewStar parts to deliver every time.

Clutches and clutch parts

When it's time to replace your truck's clutch or any clutch components, who better to count on than NewStar. These products are all crafted to offer the confidence and peace of mind you expect from a Newstar product. This brand also provides remanufactured clutches that ensure unmatched durability without the hefty price tag. Enjoy smooth transmission of engine power to the driving wheels by outfitting your vehicle or big rig with nothing but Newstar clutches and clutch parts.

Electrical solutions

If you want to maintain or restore the performance and reliability of your ride's electrical components, always go for the best—NewStar. The products in this category, including coil air hoses, motor, starters, alternators, and electrical accessories, reflect the highest engineering standards these days and conform with all federal safety regulations. Built by experts to provide power to your ride's electrical system, NewStar alternators offer the durability and performance NewStar parts are known for.

Engine parts and accessories

For optimized engine performance and lower maintenance costs, trust Newstar to help. This brand is dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction by addressing some performance and under-the-hood issues with top-quality replacement engine parts and accessories. This product line includes best-in-class fuel pumps, sensors, water pumps, and engine accessories that help lower your overall total cost of ownership and improve your business's bottom line by ensuring high efficiency and long service life.


Since they are integral to the operation of your workhorse, NewStar ensures that its filters are fitted with a highly efficient filtering media to catch even the smallest contaminants, preventing them from wreaking havoc on your engine. From air filters to hydraulic filters and lube filters, NewStar has the solutions that will help keep your engine working at its best and keep your rig on the road to profitability.


The technical knowledge and expertise of NewStar engineers and technicians enabled this brand to devise hydraulic systems and solutions with uncompromising quality. Newstar hydraulic pumps and motors meet all requirements and are guaranteed to work smoothly and produce less noise. For several years now, NewStar has led the way in hydraulic system expertise, making it a trusted brand by most fleet operators.


Newstar is a reliable partner for all your lights and lighting solutions needs. People behind this brand believe that driving safety does not happen by accident. It is achieved in many ways, and one of them is by outfitting your rig with top-of-the-line lighting components. NewStar provides the aftermarket industry with first-rate headlights and fog lights that are guaranteed to deliver long-term performance. These lights effectively light your way and make your rig more visible in dark and low-visibility situations. Newstar signal lights, on the other hand, showcase a world-class design and work efficiently to make lane changes and turning on corners safer and easier for you.

Suspension and Steering

No other brand understands the ins and outs of your rig's steering and suspension better than NewStar. With this brand's sophisticated engineering and innovative design, it can claim that it thinks beyond one-step solution. It rather offers long-term resolution to help your rig steer safely and effortlessly and provide vehicle occupants with a comfortable ride every time.

Truck Accessories

Improve the way your rig looks, sounds, and feel with first-class NewStar truck accessories. These components are well designed and easy to install to make your rig more versatile and set it apart from the rest, especially when parked alongside many other trucks in truck stops. You can also use NewStar parts and accessories to make your rig ready for towing, hauling, doing delivery tasks.

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