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About Grote

Grote Industries is one of the world's top manufacturers and suppliers of lighting products for heavy duty commercial and industrial vehicle applications. Whether it's a freight truck, passenger bus, or an off-road mining vehicle, Grote has the right incandescent or LED lamp for the job. In addition to lights, Grote also engineers and manufacturers reflectors, mirrors, power and communication delivery systems, and other products designed to make driving safer on and off the road. Currently, Grote is based in Indiana, USA, with key facilities in Canada, Mexico, China, and Spain. Its subsidiary, Grote Electronics, designs and manufactures printed circuit boards (PCBs) for its LED and other electronics to ensure its products' consistent quality and performance.

Innovation - Grote keeps up to date with the latest in LED lighting technology to meet customers’ changing requirements.

Full Line - From lighting products and wire connectors to replacement lenses and mirrors, Grote has got what you need, so you don’t have to look elsewhere.

Quality - Grote parts are manufactured and tested following strict quality and safety standards.

Great Savings - You’ll never have to pay more for replacement Grote parts again.

Grote Parts

Grote parts are designed to perform in conditions where other competing lamps have failed. The external housing or body is made of ultra-durable materials like molded polycarbonate, stainless steel, and aluminum, which are virtually rustproof and resistant to cracking and fading. Each light also complies with PC, FMVSS, and other legal requirements.

Grote Signal Lights

Grote is arguably best known by truck operators and mechanics alike for its signal light series. These lights typically combine two or more light functions in compact housing. They also make use of common connectors for ease of installation.

  • Grote stop tail turn light - The Grote tail light or stop tail turn light features an advanced diode pattern that ensures maximum light dispersion and visibility even in low-light conditions. Encapsulant potting also protects the circuit boards from damage caused by excessive road vibration. The boards themselves are also designed to have added protection against reverse-voltage, overvoltage, and overheating.
  • Grote clearance marker light - Grote’s clearance marker light is designed not only to alert other drivers of your truck's presence on the road but also to provide a clear picture of its dimensions. Each light has a small and compact design, making it suitable for mounting in narrow areas where space is limited. Despite its diminutive size, the Grote marker light still uses standard vehicle hole patterns to allow for easy retrofits in most vehicles. Selected models may also have slotted mounting holes for even more installation flexibility.
  • Grote license/backup lights - Grote's line of license and backup lights provides a durable, practical source of visibility and safety for truck and trailer applications. These lamps feature a low-profile design and a thick polycarbonate housing that resists damage commonly caused by dock collisions. The lamps are also completely sealed to protect the internal components from dirt and moisture, although resealable models are also available. These lights also use industry-standard connectors for ease of installation and can be mounted via screws or O-rings.

Grote White Lights

Your vehicle's white lights are essential to driving safely in low-visibility conditions, so Grote's line of vehicle-mounted work lights, forward lights, and task lights are built to last. The lamps emit a bright, clean white light similar to daylight, helping ease eye fatigue and making objects at a distance easier to see.

  • Grote work light - Looking for the perfect work light for your logging vehicle, sprayer, heavy equipment, or emergency vehicle? Grote has got it for you. This vehicle-mounted work light features Grote’s signature White Light color temperature, and it’s made more reliable, rugged, and powerful since it’s LED.
  • Grote forward light - Grote’s expansive line of forward lighting includes headlights, fog lights, and off-road lights. Available in round and rectangular versions, Grote's LED headlight outperforms OEM halogen and incandescent lamps in longevity and light output. The lamp features an impact and UV-resistant polycarbonate lens and a rustproof die-cast aluminum housing. Selected models also have a built-in heating element and sensor that automatically melts snow and ice for a frost-free performance. The Grote fog light, on the other hand, is designed to pierce up to 100 feet in dense fog. It can also be adjusted to an angle so that the beam is directed low to the road, reducing glare from fog, rain, or snow. All lamps also come with an all-weather housing and a haze-resistant lens and are compliant with FMCSA specifications. Meanwhile, the Grote LED off-road light and light bar emit a flood pattern that shines far and wide with a beam that's almost like sunlight. The advanced LED design is also easier on vehicle electrical systems because it consumes less power than halogen or HID lamps with a similar output. These lamps are also engineered to withstand heat and cold and make use of weatherproof mounting brackets and wiring.
  • Grote task light - Grote’s task lighting product line includes the LED fairing lights with a proprietary TIR lens for an optimal lighting pattern and the LED radius lights with six-200 lumen LEDs that produce daylight-like visibility. Both feature a tough, durable, and lightweight cast aluminum housing, and they are vibration, dust, corrosion, and moisture resistant.

Grote Warning and Hazard Lights

Designed for use in dangerous roadside, off-road, or construction site conditions, Grote's warning and hazard lights and devices are meant to keep you and others safe and aware. These products are designed to warn nearby drivers or pedestrians that they are approaching a work zone and prevent any untoward accidents. And because the quality of lighting can make a big difference in such critical conditions, Grote has also built its warning and hazard lights to produce light at an optimum rate that fully illuminates their surroundings while attracting the attention of people nearby.

  • Grote beacon - Grote offers several types of warning beacons designed for specific application requirements. Each warning beacon has a wide operating voltage range to accommodate various power sources and safely operate in harsh temperatures. It also has a reinforced plastic or aluminum base with epoxy-sealed electronics to protect against shock and vibrations. Customers can also choose from various mounting and bracket options.
  • Grote strobe lights - If you need other people to pay attention to where your vehicle is, Grote's line of incandescent and LED strobe lights are guaranteed to keep your ride visible at all times. The strobe lights can be programmed to emit various flash patterns, making them more conspicuous compared to strobes with a conventional steady flash. They can also be manually configured to a specific flash pattern with more than a dozen options to choose from. The LED light versions also have an integrated flash control module so there is no need for an external power supply or ballast.
  • Grote directional warning lights - Built to fit anywhere with flexible mounting options, Grote's directional warning light provides exceptional visibility and reliable performance. Its compact, ultra-low profile design allows for mounting in areas where space is limited, while its polycarbonate and aluminum construction makes it resistant to dents, bending, and corrosion. All components are also sealed tight with a heavy duty gasket for longer service life.

Grote Interior Lights

Grote offers a wide selection of interior lamps and switches for your interior lighting needs. Its LED dome light, for one, comes in many shapes, sizes, and mounting types, so there are a lot of options for you to choose from. The Grote dome light can be a recessed mount, torsion mount, or flange mount, and it can come with or without a switch.

Grote Electrical Connections

Are you looking for replacement components for your vehicle’s electrical and lighting systems? Grote has got the exact electrical connection products and accessories you need—from Grote wire connectors and battery cables to power cords, ring terminals, switches, and electrical assemblies.

Grote Convex Mirror and Other Products

Grote also carries a wide variety of mirrors, ranging from spot and convex mirrors to heated and box mirrors. Grote’s blind spot mirror is a cost-effective way to improve your safety while driving as it provides a broader view of the side and rear of your vehicle. It’s either round or rectangular, and it can be a stick-on type that you can easily attach to your existing side mirror. Aside from mirrors, Grote also offers a vast array of switches, brackets, mounting kits, clamps, and replacement lenses.

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