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About Freightliner

Freightliner has come a long way since it was founded in 1929 as Consolidated Freightways’s truck manufacturing division. Thirteen years later, it was established as Freightliner Corporation by Leland James. And less than a decade after, it signed an agreement to retail trucks through White Motor Corporation dealerships. In 1981, Daimler AG acquired it and became a part of Daimler's subsidiary Daimler Trucks North America, together with Detroit Diesel, Thomas Built Buses, and Western Star.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the company produces a range of vans; heavy- and medium-duty commercial vehicles for long-haul transport, local and regional distribution, construction and services; and school buses. It also manufactures a wide range of parts, including chassis for shuttle buses, delivery vans, and recreational vehicles; heavy- and medium-duty diesel engines; mechanical transmissions; and drive and steering axles.

Freightliner remains committed to providing trucks that are not only efficient and reliable but also offer excellent fuel economy, making them a wise investment. And when it’s time to upgrade or service any of these trucks, the company has got the right parts you need, when you need them.

Freightliner Parts

Regular maintenance is one effective way to maximize uptime and prevent major failures. And this is no different when it comes to Freightliner trucks. That is why a vast range of Freightliner parts is made available to fleet managers, professional mechanics, and drivers to ensure these trucks remain in top shape at all times. From radiator replacement parts, assembly pipe, power steering hose, and heater manifold assembly to fuel water separator, cab strobe rocker switch, and various hardware components, such as bolts, nuts, and connectors, this brand has got you covered.

Freightliner Radiator Replacement Parts

Freightliner trucks mean business, so old and failing radiator parts must be replaced to get back on the road in no time. One such component is the radiator cooling tube. This tube is where the hot coolant passes through. Because of this crucial function, rust, scale, and debris will eventually build up in the tube over time. When this happens, the radiator’s ability to dissipate heat into the atmosphere will be greatly reduced. Replace it right away with a brand-new Freightliner lower radiator cooling tube. Made using tough, durable stainless steel, this cooling tube offers extended service life and reliable performance. It is also precision manufactured to ensure the right fit every time.

Just like the cooling tube, the radiator hose is another wear component that needs replacement from time to time. Symptoms such as leaking coolant, engine overheating, collapsed or broken hose, and low coolant often indicate that it’s time to get a new Freightliner radiator hose. This product is made from premium-quality materials to maintain the proper cooling of your engine and prevent overheating.

Freightliner Assembly Pipe

The exhaust system is undeniably one of the most critical systems that helps keep your truck running smoothly. It diverts harmful exhaust fumes from the engine. If one of its components is damaged, it can greatly affect the engine, which can result in an unexpected breakdown. Good thing, a comprehensive range of replacement exhaust parts is available for various Freightliner models. The Freightliner assembly pipe, for one, is manufactured to meet OE specifications to ensure it works and fits just like the existing pipe.

Freightliner Power Steering Hose

Power steering is arguably one of the most important innovations in trucks. Not only it helps the driver steer a heavy vehicle with much less effort and greater comfort, but it also allows for a quicker response to change the truck’s direction when the driver turns the wheel. It is composed of many critical components, and one of these is the power steering hose.

The Freightliner power steering hose is made from durable materials to ensure it withstands everyday wear and tear. It is highly resistant to oil and heat and is constructed to fit and function like the existing hose. Unlike the competing units, this product from Freightliner is built to last longer even when used under stress conditions.

Freightliner Heater Manifold Assembly

The heater manifold assembly is a must to include in your regular maintenance checklist, especially during the colder months. This is used primarily for cold-weather starting and cold weather operations. If your truck’s existing heater manifold is not functioning properly, you can always count on a replacement Freightliner heater manifold assembly. This product goes through stringent manufacturing and testing processes to ensure it won’t crack prematurely.

Freightliner Fuel Water Separator

Keep your truck running smoothly by equipping it with a high-quality Freightliner fuel water separator. This component works as a filtration device that effectively removes water and various kinds of contaminants from the fuel before it reaches the sensitive parts of the engine.

As you may already know, water and contaminants are abrasive to engine components and cylinder walls. They also displace the fuel’s lubricative coating on the high precision injector components, resulting in surface pitting, tolerance erosion, fuel pressure loss, and poor performance. A highly reliable fuel water separator prevents this from happening, so make sure to replace your existing fuel water separator once it clogs.

Freightliner Cab Strobe Rocker Switch

Rocker switches are popular Freightliner parts because of their ease of use. The Freightliner cab strobe rocker switch, for one, allows you to make the most out of your impressive and bright cab strobe lights. With just a simple press of the switch, your truck gets lit right when you need it. This switch is engineered to meet OE specifications, so it installs easily and fits seamlessly.

Freightliner Bolts and Nuts

For your maintenance and repair needs, a comprehensive list of Freightliner hardware parts, including bolts, nuts, and connectors, is widely available. All these components are manufactured to meet the highest standards to ensure quality, reliability, and efficiency. They are made using only premium-quality materials to ensure they last longer in service. And they are designed to exacting standards, so fitting them to your Freightliner truck is a breeze.

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