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A healthy fleet is a group of clean and well-maintained vehicles capable of hitting the road anytime. Since the vehicles are kept in proper working order, a healthy fleet is cheaper to operate. But the cost of fleet management can skyrocket quickly when your rigs are left unchecked. Preventive maintenance is still the best way to keep this from happening. Regular vehicle checkups and dealing with any issue as soon as possible pay a lot in preventing unexpected breakdowns. When you need cleaning solutions and degreasers for your fleet, CRC Industries is ready to help.  

CRC Industries, Inc. is dedicated to continuously improving the value and quality of its products and services. The company aims to deliver high-quality products that meet customer demands while dealing fairly with suppliers, customers, and employees.  CRC was established in 1958 as Corrosion Reaction Consultants with just one product: the multi-purpose lubricant named CRC Corrosion Inhibitor. Despite its humble beginnings in a garage in Pennsylvania, CRC has managed to become an international supplier of specialty products and formulations. It produces 1,300 products and specialized solutions to address the unique demands of the automotive, marine, heavy-duty truck, industrial, and many other markets.

CRC Ind caters to customers across the globe, with distribution throughout Europe, the Americas, South Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Are you in need of CRC Industries all-purpose cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, brake parts cleaners, anti-seize lubricants, brake and caliper grease, radiator stop leak, and many other effective cleaning solutions? FinditParts has them all for you. These products are available here at pocket-friendly prices, so you can start cleaning and maintaining your fleet without spending much.